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Winston Smith is actually Barry Young

A hero and a real, genuine person - not a headline!

I have just spent the day in court with Cathy, the wife of the ‘Whistleblower’ Barry Young, aka Winston Smith, who has potentially exposed the level of death & harm from Covid vaccines which the NZ Ministry of Health may have purposely hidden from the people of New Zealand.

I am angry and concerned again. In my view, Barry was naively allowed to expose himself to negative harm and legal fallout by ’seasoned’ reporter Liz Gunn, who even with the urgings of ‘Winston’ to bravely come out in public, should have ensured the first principle of protecting your witness / informant and source of information was upheld. She was the broadcaster.

I think that including her party logo on the video she released of Barry showing his data does tell us something about part of the motivation here.

You may recall my blog when I berated Liz and Sue Grey for creating a media frenzy out of the Baby Will vaxxed blood case, and how that exacerbated the situation rather than help it. I claimed (rightfully, I believe) that it was about the headline and attention for these two rather than what should have been the core reason for bringing public attention to the matter - and that was to calmly highlight the legal rights of the parents and the child, NOT vax versus un vaxxed blood. This was a seriously flawed argument. At that time, the disaster that unfolded for the parents should have cautioned people against ever trusting Liz’s judgement again.

But Liz has done it again. While some people are foolishly saying that Liz is the journalist of the decade, the consequence of her having an insane appetite for attention, regardless of peripheral considerations and collateral damage, is seeing a family man, a husband, father and grandfather, potentially being subject to a long and costly court case or even jail time. This feels so familiar to me and my own situation and I am, I admit, triggered.

Yes HE made that decision - but the broadcaster or investigator must always, always protect the ’source’. Funnily enough, Liz was not at court today in Wellington.

Now people are jumping on the band wagon either side of a make-believe line saying Barry’s data is bad or is good - but right now this is not the important issue.

What really matters is that we have a genuine person who wanted to prevent further injection harm and bring to light data that may shed light on a topic that needs serious investigation.

This just further reinforces the need for the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry I am constructing.

Barry Young is not a headline. He is not a plant nor a tool - He is a genuine person. My daughter Desiree and I spent the day having morning tea, lunch and

afternoon tea with Cathy, her daughter and Barry’s son. My whanau was with Barry’s - and the solidarity was palpable and a strong affinity was felt all the way round.

They are going into a process that my whanau and I have been in for three years which unites us in a unique way and I just want to protect them as much as I can.

The details of the approach to police prosecution is hair raising - something I will cover in depth at a later date, but this situation highlights that we must strategically and tactically plan how information is handled and exposed. The best way is through a public, citizen inquiry.

At first glance, it seems that the approach that was taken here was not well thought through, but we will learn more as time passes.

As much as I am frustrated and horrified by Liz, I wish her no harm, but she has run out of chips at the roulette wheel. In some measure, she must be held responsible for this debacle and even if that is set aside, it must be recognised that her behaviour and apparent lust for attention is causing the ‘freedom movement’ harm - yet again.

But the most important thing here is that we pray and hope for protection and fair justice for Barry. I haven’t met him yet, but feel like I know him.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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1 Comment

Hi Billy, I think it has become increasingly clear, since the formation of her party, that Liz Gunn is not to be trusted. I've come to the conclusion she needs counselling, or whatever would help, to exorcise her demons . Her reasons for forming NZL don't stack up and when combined with her inability to go into coalition with other freedom groups and taking court action (or threatening to) for defaming her shows there is plenty of attention her top paddock requires - mind you, most people require some attention be given to the TP but most of us conduct ourselves in such a destructive manner.

Do you know of any way we can make a contribution to Barry's legal…

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