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The Coming World Future Summit & PACT Consensus

World Future Summit -The PACT Consensus Document

As many celebrate that the UK has said it will not sign off the Global Pandemic Preparedness Framework, there is an unsettling truth underlying this picture.

The fact is the WHO are only playing a waiting game – and the politicians, UK or otherwise are playing the classic ‘holding pattern’ card as they appear to be concerned with ‘losing Covid vaccines and PPE gear’ to the WHO in a crisis, as per the demands of the pandemic preparedness framework.

But without evidence, people have assumed that because the UK has refused to support the Global Pandemic Response Framework, this means that UK Politicians are suddenly freedom defenders. Nothing could be further from the truth. UK PM Rishi Sunak is as hard-core elitist and globalist as they come!

To go with this picture, has been the impression of the WHO seemingly backtracking on a couple of drastic demands they wanted in the amendments of the International Health Regulations (IHRs). Like for example, wanting to remove the statement that humans have ‘rights to human rights and dignity’ – yes they want to take that out - WOW!

Much has been done in secret and kept hidden from the citizens of the WHO member states by the committee working on the amendments.  Anything done in secret means it’s not a good thing for us.

Would it surprise you to know that Ashely Bloomfield is the number 2 equal Co-Chair of the IHR amendments committee? Would it surprise you that the man who destroyed New Zealand, killed its citizens, vanquished human rights and wasted our economy has been rewarded with a role like this?

No it shouldn’t surprise anyone. He has tested all of the principles of their global health ideology on New Zealanders and ‘they’ know he will deliver their scourge on a global scale without hesitation. He has passed his internship in New Zealand and is ready to cause major damage to the world. He is insane – just as Nazi Dr Joseph Mengele was, absolutely no different.

But one strategic principle they have is to vaccinate the world – Leave No One Behind actually means to create rules and laws to coerce people to be injected – we have seen this work already haven’t we?  But from what we see, the jab could be an effective way to kill a lot of people silently and without too much of a crime scene.

Now enter the Global Pact for the Future consensus agreement / document.

What is this you may ask? It is the UN’s attempt to finally trap the world into its global centralised decision-making dragnet, ending freedom as we know it.

But haven’t we heard all that before? Yes we have – but while we have been looking at the IHRs and the Pandemic Preparedness Framework, they have been busy working in plain sight, designing and developing an insidious ‘consensus’ document that ALL UN member state nations will sign.

The PACT is an overarching agreement, committing member states, in advance, to agree to any strategy the UN / WHO may come up with to implement Agenda 2030. This includes dealing with fossil fuels, climate change, funding of developing nations and of course global health emergencies plus ALL points of the SDG’s – the sustainable development goals that blanket every issue affecting human life.

This PACT successfully merges all their issues in a package whereby if the UN decides on a strategy, the PACT will be implemented to execute the strategy and member states obey.  So very sligh – this means the IHR’s and Global Pandemic Response Framework are just details and no longer bare the same importance we thought they had. It will the PACT that will get the job done.

Cunning is not the word either.  But it is not so clever we cannot see the writing on the wall.  The entire action ultimately is to control food, water, fuel and people – you do not obey, you don’t participate in society and starve.

The people component of this metric is to be reduced and if you go by the workings of Bill Gates, human population numbers need to be reduced to achieve net zero status.   Never forget that a net zero human no longer breathes.

The Global Pact for the Future also reduces man to being equal with nature and therefore humans can morally be assessed as being ‘cattle’ by the self-appointed super smart elites who know better. To be herded, controlled and exterminated when required to relieve pressure on the eco system.

This PACT will be presented and signed off at the UN Summit of the Future this coming September 2024 (  and is to be attended by heads of states – not mere diplomats but the heads of states. This tells us how serious this is.

Winston Peters or Chris Luxon will be the ones to go to this summit. I ask the question – why, if Winston Peters is so concerned with our freedoms, is he not standing on the steps of parliament blowing the alarm about this loudly?

This boils down to several reason why he isn’t in my view and I'll list them:

  1. He is indifferent and doesn’t care to know.

  2. He has turned a blind eye to all of it so as not to compromise his position.

  3. He is too silly and self-centred to understand what is at risk because he lives in his own echo chamber aka ‘Yes Minister’ surroundings.

  4. He is complicit with it and agrees with it all at the principle level.

Any of these reasons make him unfit to ride the wave he does as the champion of civil liberties and human rights in New Zealand. If he is too silly or blind to know, then we must look for our solutions shouldn’t we? Why are people concerned with freedom still backing this aged horse?

But make no bones about it – this Global Pact in my mind is the issue that may end the chance of any resistance to the loss of our national and personal sovereignty.  I believe it is that serious.

What is the answer?

Firstly we must understand that the COMMON AGENDA they are talking about is the agenda to harm all of humanity except those who are controlling the issue.  We must accept this is an evil true reality that, as outlandish it may seem, they are actually telling us plainly what they want to do in the many books and reports which they have written and I have seen. The ultimate aim is population reduction and the powers behind this have no moral restraint – they are resolute, intent and have all the money in the world to achieve their goals.

We must say NO – warn people and sound the alarm. Should we arrange a protest? Will the freedom movement understand the depth of risk we are facing and unite and come together to confront this issue? Will people understand that this issue is greater than the issue of vaccine mandates?

I am seriously thinking of a protest. Which is a PTSD evoking issue for me – the last time I protested I was arrested and then sentenced to four months jail. But we must do something – or should we roll over and play dead and pray that it all just blows over?

We must take steps. Two steps I am taking is working hard on the New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry and part 2 of The River of Lies – The New Zealand Vaccine Tragedy’ to alert people we have a government system which is not a friend of the people. It is the complete opposite.

I believe this will be a one term Government – and then the Marxist government of Labour will take over – and that will be the endgame. We must act now – or we will suffer our children to be serfs in our own land where eating and driving in a car will be a privilege. George Orwell somehow knew this was coming and it is.  The bible knows ALL about it.

The question is will you act? Will New Zealanders stand to defend our ‘free land’?

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