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NZCCI National Hearings – we need YOUR support

The NZCCI project is now well under way and we have collected dozens of signed testimonies (also recorded on camera) of people hurt or harmed by the government’s Covid-19 response measures.

These stories' contents have ranged from people who have seen loved ones die or be seriously injured after Covid ‘vaccine’ injection, to being seriously harmed themselves or even worse – some have seen loved ones die. I have even heard the story of an elderly man who couldn’t renew his drivers licence because he did not have a vaccine passport.  He then continued to drive because he had to, was pulled over by the police, had his car impounded and received a huge fine.

Is there any justice in any of that? No there isn’t! And we cannot expect that the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid nor Winston’s NZ First / Act inquiry will deliver true justice and accountability for the many thousands of people harmed.

We have held four NZCCI hearing events and they are not paying for themselves. Unlike a ticketed event, donations and koha are voluntary. We are getting good crowds, with two of the hearings near capacity, but we are not covering costs. I think only one out of four events came close to covering costs.

We have received many requests from people all over NZ for us to bring the hearings to their towns but, oddly, very few offers of either financial or planning help. Basically, people expect us somehow to just turn up with the team in Christchurch or Invercargill and it all magically pays for itself. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

So we are now looking at being innovative about how we collect testimonies and, if we can't travel to locations around the country, we are considering holding Online Hearings where people can zoom into a meeting with myself and a couple of NZCCI team members to give their testimony. Would you like to participate with this? Please let me know. 

That said, there is nothing that can compare with doing the ‘live, in person’ hearings, so please help us to keep going. We need to raise about ten thousand dollars so we can go to the South Island – if this is important to you, please consider helping us.

The NZCCI operation is the only activity that has any chance of fighting the tyranny that has been and is coming.

Please donate by going to using the donate button on this page.


Liz Gunn under attack – an offer for support & unity and a reveal of how far authoritarianism has gone in New Zealand.

About two weeks ago, NZ Loyal Party leader Liz Gunn released an emotional statement. She had received a warning and threatening letter from NZ Government ‘shill’ law firm, Simpson Grierson, telling her that she had to pull down all and any video clips about Barry Young and his data from any social media or online platform or face a $40,000 fine or imprisonment for up to three months.

As per her style, the clip was emotional and showed someone genuinely surprised by this threat. I am not surprised by it - in fact I wonder why it took ‘them’ so long to activate an action like this. I am genuinely supportive of Liz in regards to this obscene action by the New Zealand Government - the government of Chris Luxon, David Seymour and Winston Peters.

One must wonder – where is the champion of human rights and civil liberties, Winston Peters? Oh that’s right, he is flying first class to Turkey to attend ANZAC Day celebrations. Winston is no knight in shining armour to rescue us from Government tyranny. He IS the Government and is no Knight of the Round Table.

I wrote Liz yet another letter (my 2nd or 3rd) but this time in public, offering to support her and reminding her that she is not alone and that other ‘freedom’ leaders will support her. My offer was that I (and my team) will support her and that she didn’t need to be a ‘lone’ figure. And she doesn’t – I am sincerely here to help her and I am sure others are too. For too long she has built a wall of separation around herself and has accused anyone within her support base, who disagrees or questions her, as not being ‘loyal’. Not everyone who disagrees with her is her enemy.  

It’s time this wall comes down and she opens up to solidarity with a selfless heart. A friend of mine saw her at the Barry Young lunch in Wellington on Sunday and said she looked worried, forlorn and emotional after having broken down a couple of times. This is where Liz does not need to have ‘loyal’ supporters to tell her how great she is – she needs wise advice and strong support from able people who have been through the Government meat grinder. I am one who has done that and I've learned hard lessons that can help her avoid unnecessary pain. But the problem is, it seems that she uses anything like this as a limelight acquisition opportunity. This distracts people from the core issues and diminishes her position, because people end up questioning her sincerity.

At the Young lunch, Liz spoke of the need for unity in the freedom movement. She must put her own words into action and allow, in that process, a burden to be lifted from her shoulders. She is not equipped to fight this battle alone – no one is and it achieves nothing - we can and should help each other to bear a weight that involves government persecution.

I pray that she will accept my offer of unity and help. We must unite across the ‘movement’ to confront the evil plans to globalise us and rid us of our freedoms and human rights.

If she does not do this, then I think she will have exposed herself to the world as being someone who is unfit to provide any leadership in the ‘movement’. Simply because it shows she will not concede, regardless of the threat we all face and perhaps she will be someone who will end up a victim of her own ego.  Let's see how it pans out – I hope my gut feeling is wrong.  As a Christian Pastor I would love to support and help her.


Authoritarianism in New Zealand and Global PACT for the future.

The government attacks, through the legal system, on Barry Young, Liz Gunn, Vinny Eastwood and me have shown Kiwis who are awake that we are in serious trouble in regards to civil liberties in New Zealand. We are losing them – right now.

The past 4 years of government behaviour has actually exposed that we have never really truly been free in New Zealand and that we have only lived with the illusion of being free. Like a dog that is chained who believes he can go anywhere, until he arrives at the end of the chain – then reality bites. I think that is where we have always been.

But this government is like the previous one, it is leading us towards total globalism and is going to use authoritarianism to achieve it.

What is my evidence of this? Let me make a list of some points:

  1. The Government is leading us to join the AUKUS military alliance.

  2. Winston Peters is representing NZ at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) even though we are a deep South Pacific nation.

  3. NZ is helping to lead Asia Pacific regional climate change mitigation through the ETM – Energy Transition Mechanism and despite our own financial distress has committed $41M to this project.

  4. The National-led coalition government have agreed with almost all international climate change ‘Green’ economy methodologies – this will destroy our economy & agri sector.

  5. It has not repealed the NZ Covid-19 Public Health Response Act – this is the foundation upon which ALL medical tyranny can be implemented.

  6. It is a sponsor of the Christchurch Call which is an attack on online freedom of speech. This corresponds with France’s crackdown and punishment of Covid dissenters.

  7. The NZ Hate Speech Bill has been put on ice but, according to media reports, the National-led Coalition Government has adopted its principles but have not instigated them into a bill – yet.

  8. NZ First has proposed a new bill for the House as part of the NZ First National Coalition Agreement loosely called ‘The Medsafe Drug Approval Bill’. This proposed bill will require Medsafe to approve any new pharma drugs within 30 days of two foreign regulatory authorities approving them.

This is not the whole list of reasons we could include but they are an indication that we need to be cautious and alert. But the most worrying of all things that this government will do is to support the upcoming ‘UN Summit of the Future – Towards A Global Pact for the Future in September.

This pact will enable an agreement that represents a consensus from ALL UN members that they will support ‘various’ initiatives that will protect the rights of 'future generations'. This includes fully implementing the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals and programmes to mitigate ‘climate change’ and the transition from fossil fuels to ‘green carbon neutral alternatives’.  Here is a piece from the World Future Council about the upcoming summit:

The organisers are calling it a “once-in-a-generation opportunity“, aiming to strengthen global governance for the sake of present and future generations. The goal is to agree on a concise, action-orientated Outcome Document (“A Pact for the Future”)  in advance by consensus through intergovernmental negotiations and endorsed by Heads of State/Government at the Summit.

Like the Labour-led government of past, this government is supporting and is a part of all of these initiatives - which will radically change New Zealand if we allow it. This agreement indicates that almost any policy framework could be developed by the UN body and member states will be obliged to implement those policies – why? Because the PACT agreement enshrines a commitment by each member state that they will support Global Governance.

Horrifying, shocking and unbelievable that New Zealand would agree to this. I would bet that it will be Winston Peters who signs this agreement.

ALL signs indicate that our country is rocketing to be at the front of the line to implement these types of calls to action. We must confront and expose what this government is covertly and casually taking us into – nothing else is more threatening to our liberty than the actions this government is taking. What the last government didn’t do on the left, this government will achieve coming from the right side of the political spectrum.

My guess is that this a one term government and then it will be back to the red Marxist Government of Labour who will complete our destruction.  Wouldn’t it be highly ironic if Winston was in THAT government too?


We are living in dangerous times. My next blog will be about the war in Israel but be sure, everything is connected. War in the Ukraine, Africa, Middle East are linked with the UN’s grab for more and more authority. Can you see it yet?

The WHO have their World Health Assembly starting this May 27 and it will pretend to listen to member states - but it has its plans and the decisions have already been made. This is the delphi technique applied at a global scale.

The aspect we have to be concerned with is what New Zealand politicians will do. Will they uphold national sovereignty? Will they ensure that Kiwis will retain the right to have freedom of choice? Will they force global programmes on us that will negatively impact us?

Time will tell – but I think we can see the trajectory we are heading in.

And this is the same government system that foolish ‘freedom’ oriented organisations such as NZDSOS are willing to partner with. Let's pray it won’t be too late to waken everyone and unite us all against this common foe.

Anyhow, back to work, I am about to have an online meeting with a wonderful doctor helping me with the Inquiry – and yes, he is a member of NZDSOS.

Take care, family. Be safe and stay vigilant.

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