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The suspension of the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry

How is it possible that so few supported it?

I think I know…

A new horizon.

I am writing this blog in a state of surreal calm and fatalistic acceptance. It is not an operation to do a trick ‘fund raising’ appeal like Reality Check Radio did by threatening to stop operations because of a lack of funding – it is an outlet for a truly demoralised and disappointing series of facts.

I have never ever been one to give up easily on anything. Maybe it’s the toto Maori (Maori blood) I have or is it the Irish? I suspect it’s a little of both – not willing to surrender even if the going is hard. It's what you go through during Army basic training when you go through dark days and feel like giving up.  But you keep going… I have that, I just keep going and look forwards.

But I have learned something new over the past few months - when you rely on others, it does not matter what your personal focus or commitment is like, if the ‘others’ don’t pull their weight, you will end up dancing on your own. And this is what has happened. I started living and breathing the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry almost a year ago, while working on the River of Lies documentary series. I knew I had the data and evidence to pull together a truly independent inquiry that would expose criminal actors and most likely hold them accountable.

I started to eat, sleep and breathe the inquiry – up early and working all day and night on it, every day except the sabbath. I developed tunnel vision and smelt the scent of the crime, who did it and how – I felt it was a case of following the evidence, carefully curating and archiving it as evidence which could be used to support our allegations that the NZ Labour led coalition government (including Winston Peters) committed crimes against the people of New Zealand during the pandemic era.

But something has changed dramatically within the freedom movement and NZCCI has not been supported adequately. "Here he goes again" you may say, but I feel qualified to point out that the freedom movement has become a tribal zone of people who won’t work with each other, excusing themselves for this while accusing others of all sorts of crimes.

Even former policeman, Dan Pinknell, displayed huge naivety when I communicated with him about unity, saying "everyone was on the same page and everyone will get there". Where? Nowhere is the truth. I remain surprised that Dan could be so unconscious and gullible. It has been division in the freedom movement that has given the enemy plenty to chuckle about as they see the rats fight over miniscule pieces of cheese.

Liz Gunn - nope, she won’t work with anyone because SHE has the plan. Dr Matt Shelton – he will work with Winston Peters and is working with Sue Grey on a ‘top secret’ investigation, but won’t work with anyone outside his control. And you can believe it – he has control that Doctors who I know of won’t challenge.

You have VFF and RCR who started with NZPP money and database, and their carefully branded and curated message which has achieved zero percent as a freedom movement participant but have achieved plenty as they fool people into thinking they are a true blue freedom network. Then there is Counterspin and the insane ravings of Kelvyn Alp and the outrageous mentally unwell Samantha Edwards (now Samantha Costello).  Interesting that they work closely with Liz Gunn….go figure!

These are people who are so deeply trusted by a movement desperate to cling on to anyone who says the right thing. But this is what we have turned into - a bunch of competing mini corporations. In my mind, not one of them have offered anything as a means of civil rights defence or a pathway to hold criminal politicians to account.

I have felt this way for a long, long time. I know many people, who are really awake, who have removed themselves from the ‘movement’ because of the same observations I have made and commented on. They have had enough of it – people have lost that deep desire for rational truth, they now want tribalism – to wear a branded t-shirt as part of a gang.

But the strangest thing is – where were all of these people in early 2020? Sue Grey was there, I must say, but where was everyone else when it wasn’t popular to speak up and before people realised they could form a business in the freedom movement? They were nowhere to be seen.

But I digress. The fact is the freedom movement has become what the enemy has always wanted - a mess of in-fighting, mistrust, hatred, selfishness and rabbit hole conspiracy theorists. I am still waiting for Trump and the white hats to appear with the Pleiadeans to rescue us all.

But the fact is, I have been here since March 2020 – I have never gone away. I’m still sounding the warning messages with what I believe are good assessments and I believe I have had a good finger on what is happening, why and who is doing it – and even how.

In the four and a half years since March 2020, I have lost a family home, lost two careers, been charged with multiple crimes, been arrested, spent time in Mt Eden prison, sentenced to four months prison, found innocent of dishonesty and fraud crimes, yet still sentenced to a $14,000 fine and 200 community hours (under appeal) and spent well over $100,000 on legal fees and court costs… let alone the epic media slander of the like of which no one else has even been close to receiving in New Zealand.

But let's not forget the freedom movement calling me a grifter, a CIA or CCP agent, a UN agent, a secret billionaire funded agent, a freemason ala Kelvyn Alp and saying my stance was for money, with some even sending me death threats.

Well here it is – to those who have said that, you can all go and jump in the lake!

Anyone who thinks someone would put their whanau through what we have been through is a nutter of the extreme kind. Yep - just like Samantha Costello. And now freedom people think all is normal now - we can go and listen to RCR as our resistance effort and everything will be all right. Let's just roll over and go back to sleep.

Well I can tell you that the very worst is yet ahead as I have been warning –  I wish I was wrong, I truly do, but I am not. And no-one is willing to address this deeply distressing fact, while we all remain in our little tribes. Pathetic and blind are words that come to mind.

 The fact that no one is talking about the up coming UN World Future Summit in September, where the GLOBAL PACT will be signed, underlines how asleep, foolish and lacking diligence the 'movement' leaders are. But one thing I know is this – I have made myself a target and when this all really happens, I will be among the first to be dealt with. I have realised that I no longer believe in the freedom movement. It must come down to individual people taking responsibility for themselves, their whanau and making good decisions with good judgement and evidence.

Now back to NZCCI - I now have all the evidence and data - plenty of it to execute a civil case and a group criminal complaint. It is now about putting it all together.

But last week, as I am putting it together, I realised that I am wondering how I am going to pay my power, phone bills and feed my family while literally working slave hours (which incidentally I love doing).  If I cannot look after the basics, how will I fund a court case? It suddenly dawned on me - am I actually a fool for doing this work?  Am I doing a public service the public doesn't want? The answer to both of these questions is a sad yes. I have been foolish – I truly believed in the 2020-21 freedom movement – but I do not the 2024 version. I don't recognise it at all, it is Frankenstein's baby.

So I have decided that the people who want to be a freedom corporate business can continue to do their thing and the movement can follow them to their heart’s desire.  And then when it all falls down to the ground they will see that they were misled and lulled into a falsehood as to what the freedom movement should be doing when they were not doing what was needed.

Incredible people like Matt King, John Rhodes, Deb Fong, the Rasmussens, the Turners, Ian & Vicky, Dr Peter Canaday, Fred Stewart, Chris Young, Tiamara Williams, Dr Macchi Manu, Sarah Brewer, Gordon Malcolm, Paul Hendry, Jay Andrews, Justin, Rowena Wood, Dave & Mel, the NZCCI team, you, as supporters and, of course, those brave people who gave testimonies won’t have helped in vain.

I am going to use the material I have gathered and put it all in the next documentary, ‘The New Zealand Vaccine Tragedy’.  So many brave souls willing to stand and be counted must be heard. What NZCCI couldn’t do, the documentary will. I just wish I could have done a better job and got NZCCI over the line. I wonder if I will get a call from Winston telling me he will fund me to do an independent non Government affiliated inquiry? Do you think he will?

So for now, the Inquiry is suspended. It is stopped for lack of belief from the public and insufficient funding.

But let’s not despair, we still have the NZ Royal Commission of Inquiry and the Winston Peters Inquiry which will give us all truth and the justice that is deserved and demanded.

The Labour Party is going to win the next election – it’s time I looked at options outside of New Zealand because it will not be safe for me and my whanau. This country is going to hell on a bullet train and a divided freedom movement will fail in every respect to prevent this.

I will continue with the documentary and start broadcasting again - but still, if the people won't value my work - there is no point in doing it - I will become a full time Minister and really get out there to warn people about what is coming from the spiritual perspective.

But from the depth of my heart, to those who have recognised my sincerity and love for people being the main motivator for my work and have supported me over the years, please understand how grateful my wife and I have been - we pray for you every day and night in our prayer time and we take nothing for granted.

Please believe that this is not a moan or a 'poor me' story. It's a reality check for me. I'm just someone who has at last realised that I have been putting my life and whanau wellbeing on the line for a cause that hasn’t existed for some time.

If you want to support me please do...I just received my latest SPARK bill today....but please stay vigilant - because this is the year it all begins. God bless and may He keep and guide us all.

Bank account, W Te Kahika: 02-1245-0777955-001

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