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About this Project

What is the documentary about?


We are in the process of delivering a credible three part investigative documentary about the Covid-19 issue in New Zealand and investigating to see if the Labour Government and its system, along with key players, have been involved in mass manipulation, coercion and crimes against the people of New Zealand. 

We are going to surgically pull apart and forensically examine fundamental claims made by the  New Zealand Government and other Governments from around the world about Covid-19.  We will see if our Government has been honest and transparent. We will research if media in New Zealand have been weaponised and used to indoctrinate New Zealanders to alter, in a specific way, our society’s response to Covid-19 control measures that are destroying civil liberties, Human Rights and that have caused massive societal harm.  We will assess if the Government has used academia and media to misrepresent the Covid-19 issue in a highly manipulative way that will shape public perception to gain acceptance of authoritarian control using Covid-19 'fear'.

We will examine if there is evidence of dishonesty and conflicts of interest by politicians, bureaucrats, NZ media organisations and their experts as well as academic and medical institutions involved in this issue. We shall see if there is any evidence of relationships between New Zealand members of Parliament with any ideology or organisations that may be hostile to our 'free' society. We will also examine the claims made by the NZ Government and media that anyone who disagrees with the Government Covid-19 narrative is an 'unstable, unclean conspiracy theorist' and part of a 'river of filth'. We will compare their own people with their own characterisations.

We pledge that we will deliver a water tight, factual and 'fact checker' resistant educative documentary to alert New Zealanders from all walks of life and political beliefs, to the possibility that we all may have been subjected to the most heinous attack in history on the Kiwi way of life, our people and our well being.

The Hard Truth - quick fire facts


Of people fully recover from COVID


Vaccine doses have been administered in New Zealand


Total Adverse Events Following Immunisation

reports that were received (cumulative) in New Zealand, to date.

(Medsafe claim only 5% of AEFI are reported)

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