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Trailer 5 is out!

The Truth is coming and the release date for the first documentary episode is getting closer!

As I write this, more extreme examples of crime are happening in our beautiful country and we have to cope with a woke, distracted police leadership, bent on chasing those who have broken ‘covid laws’, instead of those who are committing these serious crimes. Covid laws that are now moot but that are still harming innocent ‘non criminals’, and when the criminals get in front of a judge, they get a slap on the hand and let go!

If you or any one of your family have suffered at the hands of the New Zealand Government’s Covid-19 response, then this coming documentary will play a part in providing some sort of accountability, justice in a small way and a balm to treat the frustration experienced by all of those awake to the crimes against humanity we have seen. Crimes against New Zealand humanity.

We have just uploaded the 5th trailer for the River of Lies, The NZ Scamdemic, and it will give you a better glimpse of what you can expect from this documentary. You'll find it at the top of the Trailers page.

Even today I have just confirmed yet another globally famous, prestigious medical freedom fighter who wants to contribute to the documentary - wow! The list we currently have is impressive.

We have thrown the gauntlet out and announced we will have Episode One of the three parts for release by July – and I am going to work my and my editor’s fingers to the bone to get this done. We need it. I need it. We all need this out.

The educational content we will provide to you will be a good resource for us to win those people over that have not woken up or who have been resistant – you will actually have to be blind and intellectually dishonest not to see the truth in this documentary. It has been a huge project and frankly a huge burden and I am so grateful to all that have helped to make this possible.

I am planning a nationwide tour to promote the release of the documentary and may have a very very very (yes three) special guest join me and maybe a second one. It will be good to be with you all on this tour. I love meeting people in person and I hope you will come and see the film and meet up in person.

Have a good and safe weekend dear friends – I will be writing again soon. Enjoy the trailer!

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