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River of Lies, the NZ Scamdemic is now available to view online!

After what seems an eternity sorting out technical issues, I am truly delighted to announce that our documentary ‘River of Lies - The New Zealand Scamdemic Investigative Documentary’ is now available online to view. All you need to do is to go to our home page, and buy your access code and you will be able to watch it to your heart’s content.

We are using the screening both online and at events to raise funds to cover my legal expenses and pay it forward so that we can fund the work for the

next two episodes. We've already made a start on Episode Two and, if you think Episode One is good, wait until you see the next two episodes! We're very excited to be working on them and can't wait to get them completed. (Still lots of work to be done, though).

To those of you who have donated more than $20 to the documentary account or who were at Te Atatu, please contact us through the website we will send you a link to view it.

Thank you always for your dearly appreciated support.

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