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The Strange partnership of NZDSOS, Winston Peters and the doctor who threatened me

Again I seem to find myself in some kind of alternative universe which is designed to confuse and mislead us all somehow to believing in the lie – this universe is somehow consuming the freedom movement.

Today I write with a sense of genuine fear of what the movement is becoming and how it appears that, in our desperation, that we are latching onto lines of thinking and people which, in my view, that we mustn’t.

When I first spoke up four years ago against the tyranny and lies of Covid and the impending globalism, I did so without a thought for myself and certainly without knowing I would go on to lead the largest civil liberties movement in NZ. My only thoughts were about how to protect our babies, our people and to save our country. I naively believed that everybody in the movement felt the same way, but was shown how betrayal and self seeking works in this game when I was blindsided by people I thought I could trust. I never thought of speaking out as a business, a franchise, a brand nor an opportunity for self-seeking. But one thing I did do right was to clearly identify the enemy in front of us.

The enemy was the Labour Coalition Government but, most notably, Jacinda Ardern and NZ First leader Winston Peters, both instrumental in signing off and agreeing to the very measures and narrative(s) I and many others were fighting.

Those early days were lonely. There was a huge number of people supporting me but not many leaders from various sectors speaking out publicly. The only other person of note at the time was my good friend Dr Simon Thornley, who braved rejection and persecution from his peers for having the courage to point out that the Government had their Covid-19 response wrong. Simon has become a trusted friend and advisor and has proven to be one of those humble sorts who just wants to do what is right. But it was a huge field of conflict and there were few willing to put their lives, reputations and careers on the line to fight it.

Four years, two court cases, the threat of prison, media slander and personal attacks later, I have seen some very strange morphing of the freedom cause into a business and political positioning opportunity for people with agendas which are not that clear to discern – when they should be. In my view, there should be nothing done in secret when it comes to fighting for the freedom and wellbeing of the people.  Naïve? Maybe, but at least principled.

About six months or slightly more ago, I became aware that Dr Matt Shelton was aligning himself and NZDSOS with Winston Peters and NZ First. A little later, I saw that he, Lee Smith and Kirsten Murfit had all left Matt King’s Democracy NZ together, in a dark cloud, and headed towards NZ First. Kirsten became a political candidate for NZ First while Matt worked at aligning NZDSOS with the Winston brand. Another former Democracy NZ team member and advisor, Glenn Inwood, had left in February 2023 and also became an ardent supporter of Winston and NZ First. I was deeply concerned when I heard and saw all this and I thought that Matt would come to his senses about Winston and correct his trajectory.

I spoke with him around November 2023 and during the conversation I openly questioned him about Winston and his intent to work with him. Matt’s reply shook and shocked me. He said that it was wise to work ‘within the belly of the beast’ and that he would essentially convert Winston into becoming a decent and honest politician serving the cause. The naivety stunned me. Not even Shane Jones can convert Winston Peters. Peters is a law unto himself and has a 40 year career that shows him betraying his own constituency (2017 General Elections) and a litany of decisions and promises that he has turned around on.

This would have to include the recent election campaign where Winston said he would campaign and fight for compensation for Covid mandated businesses and employees and for vaccine injured people. When I heard that, I knew those compensation points would never be realised, but instead he has delivered yet another Government inquiry into Covid that will be carefully curated and sanitised without the substance to help people have justice.

Three weeks before the election I had an hour-long video call with Shane Jones, telling him that I would recant my criticisms of Winston and support NZ First if he was prepared to sign a pledge saying that, come what may in negotiations with Luxon, he would not abandon these promises of compensation. A few days later, the answer from Winston through Shane was NO! ALL of my red flags went up and a lot taller than they were. He was playing dishonest politics again and using the freedom movement to get back into parliament.

I knew this was the case when I saw Winston march through the Parliament protest without addressing the crowd from the stage. The stage was then set for Winston to become ‘the champion of the people’.  The same man who co-signed the NZ Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, supported the free speech destroying Internet Censorship Bill and who belittled and attacked anyone who spoke up against the Covid measures right up until November 2021 – until he realised he could replace his lost voter base with freedom fighters. He has also now proposed the MEDAFE DRUG APPROVAL Bill – horrific.

True to form he has abandoned the compensation aspects of his promises to concerned voters and yet somehow people still believe he walks on water and can be trusted. The word 'foolishness' springs to mind. So I cautioned Matt about his desire to work with Winston and still hoped that he would and must come to his senses.  But he never has.

I suspected then that there must be other reasons why Matt was and is doing this, because nothing made sense. Had he gone political? Did he have a job lined up in Winston’s inquiry? I don’t know but there is something there. Over the past few weeks we have seen Matt lead NZDSOS closer and closer to NZ First and Winston and therefor people who trust NZDSOS and Matt as well.

While Matt has championed Winston’s inquiry, I have been pointing out why we cannot trust Winston nor the inquiry, while promoting and seeing the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry gain momentum as a legitimate alternative.

I have been completely careful and respectful not to reference Matt or NZDSOS in my campaign against Winston.  I say again, I have been a great supporter of Matt and NZDSOS and was not about to get into a public spat with him.  I had also interviewed him for the River of Lies, was using his statements for both the documentary and NZCCI - and I respected that greatly. But what was interesting was he said "I am involved in delicate discussions and work" which was so secret that "I can’t have my name anywhere".

Strangely enough, I recently received an email from Matt asking us to take his name off any documentary or NZCCI material – yet again strange, but I of course acceded to his request.

I now deduce that the delicate discussions are with Winston Peters – but the need for secrecy?

When I saw Matt hand ‘Deputy Prime Minister Peters’ an open letter seeking suspension of the Covid vaccine campaign on the steps of Parliament the other day, I saw the body language of Winston.  He came down for five minutes or less because he had a ‘diplomatic appointment’ to attend to and had to leave. The very same reason he gave for not staying at Waitangi and speaking longer. I saw Winston utter some quickfire words to placate the people there and he quickly turned around and skipped across the water back to his office and ‘appointment’.

He is certainly no Senator Malcolm Roberts, MP Craig Kelly or MP Andrew Bridgen. He lacks passion and the conviction that tells me, ‘he is our man’. Tanya Unkovich stood there unimpressively, as though she had something better to do or didn’t know what to do but, like true politicians, they did enough to satisfy the minimum of expectations. What was sad was that Matt willingly bought into the whole charade.

Following this and yesterday, I sent a mass letter out to my email network (which Matt is a part of), with the NZCCI Terms of Reference and an explanation of what the Inquiry is. I mentioned that we are investigating alleged crimes committed by the Labour Coalition Government of Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters for 2020 and so on. A couple of hours later, my phone buzzed and it was a message from Matt Shelton through David Holden. Here is the text:

"Hey Billy

Just a heads up matt shelton said if u didn't take his name off the NZCCI website and downloads he's gonna take legal action mate!"

This was another SHOCK! A threat like this from Matt?

Matt’s name is not on our NZCCI website nor any NZCCI material, so what was this really about?

Well I can only pin it down to the fact that he is protecting his interests and that means defending Winston in any way he feels he can and should. There is no other explanation I can think of, yet it irks me that he acting so foolishly and now threateningly.

I sent a response to David telling him to tell Matt to bring it on – the legal action. In my mind that would really signal what he has become.  Just like Liz Gunn, someone that would threaten a fellow freedom fighter with court action, especially someone like me, who has endured court persecution and terror for three years. Not the action of a caring physician is it?


What ultimately surprises me about this is that Matt Shelton is showing no healthy or careful caution and scepticism about Winston. This tells me that whatever it is, Matt has reckoned that the risk of trusting Winston is well worth the benefit he may get. Is he attempting to bolt NZDSOS onto the Winston train, thinking it will expand reach and relevancy, or worse, legitimacy? This would be a grave miscalculation.

It is true I have been speaking with Doctors who are members of NZDSOS who are deeply concerned with the NZDSOS alignment with Winston and NZ First and question Matt’s strategy here. But they are silent because they do not want to call it out and be ‘that guy’.

But the real enemy isn’t Matt – its Peters, Luxon, Seymour, Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield, the WHO, UN, the WEF and others within New Zealand that are seeking to globalise our country into oblivion.

The fact is, Winston Peters is a 40 year career politician who championed the very issues we are fighting today and he IS the system and supports it no matter what he says. His actions betray him.

And all without any show of remorse or repentance for his role in this horror – and he is still doing it today with the Medsafe Drug approval Bill he wants to introduce. A Bill that would force Medsafe into approving ANY DRUG within 30 days that is already approved by two international recognised partners, like the WHO, like FDA & CDC and maybe even GAVI?

At the very least there must be public acknowledgement about these issues and a transparent public explanation from Matt about why he is ignoring the elephant in the room and working with Winston in this way.  An upfront clear honest explanation.

Maybe that will clear things up?

I wish Matt the best, and I still have great respect for NZDSOS and their members but I believe it is worth while for everyone in the ‘movement’ who supports NZDSOS to take a step back, take a deep breath and also ask Matt the hard questions, because something isn’t right here. There is another thing that Matt is involved with which is covert and strange but I won’t go into it here. However, this too seems connected to Winston.

But really enough of the ‘covert, delicate, secrets’ and secret agendas. It time the freedom movement added the word 'truth' to it again and maybe think about adding 'transparency' and 'clear and sensible thinking'.

Because from what I have seen from Matt, there is nothing like those attributes present in his current behaviour.

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