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The fractured and broken New Zealand Freedom Movement – MUST come together!

Written from Melbourne, 15 Feb 2024.

It’s taken me some time to get to the point that I had to write this blog - not only due to frustration but concern and dismay.

I'm sitting at the Melbourne domestic airport en route to the Australian Parliament in Canberra to meet with civil liberties and sovereignty political leader, Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Senator Roberts is the leader of a group of Senators who are concerned, as I am, about Covid and medical tyranny and the impact that global organisations such as the UN, WHO and WEF are going to have on all of us IF we allow politicians who are captured by them to get their way. I am going to see Senator Roberts to discuss his Covid-19 Inquiry and our NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry to see how we can work together.

But as I sit here – I do so with a heavy heart as I reflect on the state of the so called ‘freedom movement’ leaders. I am dismayed, disgusted and so very sad about this movement which, at great cost, I committed my life to in 2020. This may seem an easy thing to ask and say – but where were all the ‘heroes’ and leaders of today, back in March 2020?

Beyond that, let me share why I have such a dim view.

I have been approached by someone who is member of  a ‘covert’ group of people doing an inquiry. At first it seemed they wanted to collaborate – and I of course am and remain open to anything like that. But then it turned out it was a probe to see if I would stop the work I am doing in favour of letting them to do ‘their thing’.

This person however said he wanted us to work together but was having difficulty with some of the other group’s members who didn’t want to work with me or anyone else really.  It was their sand pit and Lord forbid if they lost any thunder by working with me!

Then yesterday – the very very strange leadership of Voices for Freedom announced they want to do a Covid Inquiry.  Really? Yes really. This is the same group of leaders that said they were glad the Covid Royal Commission of Inquiry is going to give us what we need as THEY were going to consult with people about the Commission’s inquiry.  WHAT? REALLY? Yes really.

This highlights that this is about a need for attention to keep VFF alive rather than a helpful, honest pragmatic approach that demonstrates they have a deep understanding about what we are dealing with.  As I have said from the beginning – I do not believe that VFF leaders, Claire Deeks, Libby or Alia actually truly understand the absolute deadly and brutal nature of what we are facing.  All I have seen from them is their attempts to franchise the freedom movement and persuading people not to support me. Why? Because they have an agenda.

Collectively these games must stop – now.

But a question which remains is – why are none of the ‘freedom leaders’ wanting to work with anyone, let alone me? – Is this about leveraging off this dire situation for people’s personal agendas? I totally believe that this is a big part of it.

As I said to a member of the ‘covert’ group, I have no ambition to be an elected politician. I am not seeking more attention than I have regretfully received, but I am resolute and determined to fill a space that I believe I can fill because of my skill sets with the mission goal of fighting back against the tyranny we are seeing coming at us at the speed of light.  As I said in 2020, I am more than willing to be a servant to the cause.

I am determined and resolute but I believe that, after 30 years of looking into the big picture of the plan for a global system, I do have a grasp of the issues I have spoken up about. But ultimately I know I am not an island - no person is - and I am not arrogant enough to believe I know it all, nor do I think I have the right to own the space I operate in.

We must come together and share our collective skills, experience and data.

As I write, I'm on the plane to Canberra and looking down on Melbourne. I see a massive expansive city and I cannot help but reflect that it does not matter what size a town, a city or a country is, the plan for a globalist one-governance-system world society is coming for us all. If we can understand this, petty differences do not mean anything.

Back to the original purpose of this blog.  I want to say with all of my gusto and heart that the freedom leaders must come together.

We must all stand or sit in a meeting room and say, whatever it is we or I have said or done to hurt you or offend you, I am sorry, please forgive me, let’s work together.

Does that sound naïve or like a fantasy? Or does it sound like a bunch of grown-ups who know we are fighting for survival being humble and prepared to drop egos and agenda so that we can all contribute to actually achieve something – together? I think it does, in reality, seem like that. Not a fantasy but pragmatism that is possible if people put themselves second.

I am not saying I am a saint nor perfect and, in my way of trying to wake people up, I have said things in a much more grumpy way than a Christian man should. But I have always been about the people and the cause and, as a Christian, I have always been prepared to be conciliatory.

And that is with the knowledge too, that many of the freedom leaders have been vile towards me – that means little to me, as I see the freight train coming out of the tunnel, lights on full heading towards us.

But I need to ask you for a favour and a question.

Are you prepared to challenge ‘freedom’ leaders to get their act together and work with EVERYONE? Will YOU help make a difference and hold them accountable, telling them if they don’t listen to you then what makes them different to those already in power?

And that is the point. We are seeing character attributes of these leaders that are not much different to the corrupt self-serving politicians we have already in parliament.

Lastly – I recorded a post out the front of the Parliament of the State of Victoria yesterday and it is here: – Please look at it, subscribe and share it please.

It felt weird to stand out the front of former Premier Dan Andrews’s and Cabinet’s office which caused so much terror and inflicted so much pain on Victorians for a so-called disease that you had a 99.97% chance of surviving. As ever, this was never about health, it is and was about control.

With Disease X, climate change tyranny and another ‘pandemic' just around the corner, we had better get to the business of protecting our families and country.

The question is – will people be unselfish and work together to do this?

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1 Comment

Hi Billy. Such a heartfelt post deserves a response. Let me tell you about myself - not because I'm special, but in fact the opposite, because there are tens of thousands of New Zealanders just like me. We are your source of despair and a potential opportunity if only you could grasp it. But be warned: we're hard.

I'm solitary by nature and an independent thinker. I analyse my way into things rather than leap. I'm also the despair of advertisers because I don't follow trends - in fact, I'm often not even aware of them, since I generally don't follow the news except in my areas of interest, and I'm averse to social media. I'm not a joiner of…

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