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The broken 'Freedom' movement and the Government steps up its war effort against me

The result from last week’s election was yet another smack on the knuckles of the political ‘freedom’ movement. Just like in 2020, yet again we failed to appreciate the threat that is coming fast down the pipeline and did not unify under a common political umbrella to aggregate and provide a home for the ‘concerned’ vote.

Now I have spoken with Matt King of Democracy NZ about this and he explained that he was completely open to working with Sue Grey and Brian Tamaki until he caught Brian apparently talking untruthfully about him on line. He said "Once he did that, I knew I couldn’t trust him and couldn’t work with him". Understandable why he would feel that. Then we had the public war between Sue Grey and Liz Gunn, once allies and now political enemies and we saw MSM gleefully publish the flaming attack rhetoric between ’two leaders’ in the freedom’ movement. We gave ’them’ what they wanted.

And now we see that Liz Gunn is suing former ally, Farmer James for defamation for having an opinion. Even myself, I have endured amateur broadcaster Samantha Edwards attack me in the last couple of weeks saying I am ‘corrupt, I have recently been involved in having affairs, would sell my children to get my way and that by supporting Matt King and Gavin Benney I was a part of some kind of NZ First and National Party operation. Really? Yes really. Samantha in my view has been bitten by the Counterspin bug of destroy everyone and create click bait to try and gain more attention.

But it has been my opinion for a long time that Counterspin serves up hate filled, vile and constantly aggressive and negative sound bites. In my personal view, Kelvyn’s style is one of constant arrogant superiority mixed with the feeling I get that he is constantly annoyed by people who are beneath him. Vinny Eastwood, who worked with him on tour for a month, said it was one of the hardest and 'not so nice experiences' ever.

Samantha, who now works very closely with Counterspin, who were strangely enough supporting NZ Loyal (A strange mix for an ‘empath’ like Liz), it seems has gained some kind of self appointed position of moral authority and judgement to attack genuine people who have concerns about where NZ is heading.

Strange. Just strange. As a Pastor I gave her hours of counselling through her personal issues and tried to help her as much as I could. But due to my ‘opposite political’ opinion she seems prepared to throw me under some kind of broken bus. I do suspect what really caused her behaviour it is that I didn’t use her material she provided to me for the documentary.

But this is the state of the freedom movement in general. Everyone has done exactly what the ‘system’ has wanted us to do and that is to have a drink of the cool aid that leads us to eating our own kind. It’s absolutely everywhere in our movement. Silo groups, antagonist groups, all sorts of groups within the freedom sector have drawn battles lines in front of other groups who are concerned with the same issues and say the same things - to their ultimate shame and defeat. Liz Gunn said she wouldn’t work with anyone because she was going to get 51%. Matt King said he would have but couldn’t trust people. Sue Grey and Brian Tamaki were a strange mix but at least they gave unity a go - but it didn’t happen because of trust issues, lack of clarity and the polar man himself, Brian.

But where do we go to from here? This is something I have thought about and reflected on since December 2020 - not just now.

I believe the people that say they want to lead a political party on behalf of concerned voters MUST show a heart of service to others and be prepared to

compromise on personal ‘gains and benefits’ such as being ’the ONE!’ Or the big cheese. That should be the starting point. After that comes how their logic

and reasoning fares and what capabilities they have to be a strong advocate for truth and civil liberties and to be an instrument for change. It should not just be a case of ‘I speak against the Government and have a podcast’, follow me and join my political party. The fact we have not dug deeply enough into who these so called ‘freedom’ leaders are, and have blindly followed them, tells me that we have still not woken up to ourselves and the need to really think through who we choose to lead the charge.

From here - ALL political parties need to come together under a unification umbrella and agree on 10 or so policies and campaign on those with everyone co leaders. Then and only then may we have a chance at slowing down the train of tyranny and evil that is heading our way. Let’s pray that these folks will wake up to this fact.

The NZ Government System Steps up its war against me

Last night, during a live broadcast and doing a segment about Central Bank Digital Currencies, something happened that caused me much distress, anger and incredulity. I was doing a story about how Australia is now ready for a cashless society. I had lined up articles from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand website that shows RBNZ is also preparing to take NZ into this new era of tyranny and control.

While live, I went from the Australian article to the RBZ website to discover that a message suddenly popped up telling me my access to the RBZ website as a NZ citizen had been revoked and restricted. I attach a screen shot for you of this.

I was stunned. Not surprised I guess but shocked to see what I know is happening in front of me. That the NZ Intelligence Agencies and various Government departments are surveilling me and robbing me of my privacy, freedom of speech and my rights as an ordinary citizen of New Zealand.

I must admit I felt invaded and intruded upon. I want to leave New Zealand - I really do. I am still waiting for the decision about my appeal against the evil and absurd sentence to jail for peaceful protest. We were meant to have this on 10 October. Ten days later and nothing is happening. I am in debt, my legal costs are sky high and I cannot seek employment and move on. They won’t let me.

Between the costs of defending myself against protest and electoral charges I have a costs total of around $110,000.00 to deal with. There is no way to measure the mental and anxiety costs. There just isn’t. But yet I am waiting to know how I can piece my life together again. People like Samantha Edwards make out that I am only involved in ’the freedom’ movement work I do for gain. After all of the ridicule, slander, threats and persecution I have endured, I don't know how someone can still make those claims about me.

My family and I have lost so much for my speaking out against the absurd tyranny of Covid, UN Agenda 2030, climate change and other Government sponsored

attacks on Kiwis. God has been so merciful and gracious to my whanau and I - and I am so grateful. But each day I wake up with these issues of persecution

hanging over me. The truth is I live in a beautiful and yet humble home. We have one whanau car and I rely on donations to live and provide for my whanau in a modest way.

The Government has been persecuting me, and therefore my whanau and I am tired, distressed and spent from it. I feel like that it must end soon - surely

there is someone decent left in a Judiciary position who will let me get on with my life. I want to be a full time Pastor - this is my calling, and Jesus IS coming so and there is so much to do as a Minister before then.

My plan is to complete the other two documentary episodes and then retire from public life and be a Minister.

Be assured family who may read this blog - I am a target of the Government - please keep me and my whanau in your prayers.

And meanwhile - Please enjoy the documentary and support it - we need your help to finish the series.

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