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Terms of Reference are Now Available!

Kia ora koutou katoa, hi dear family:

I truly pray that this week’s message finds everyone well – and calm.

Terms of Reference for NZCCI.

I am truly delighted to say after hundreds of hours and many weeks, we now have the Terms of Reference and Structure document for the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry.

It is a comprehensive document that was 50 pages long but we managed to reduce it down to 32 pages due to better design and layout.

PLEASE read it carefully. We have 203 points to the Terms of Reference

The NZ Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid has 19 points and the NZ First generated inquiry of the new government has about 23. Who do you think wants to see the truth be arrived at?

There is no way that this Government can be trusted to investigate the last Government’s Covid response behavior. Why? Because they are a continuation of the same strategy to take New Zealand to the same destination of control as the last Labour government.

I hope you will go to our website: and download the document – it is for YOU – please share it far and wide.

Australian Trip – Senator Malcolm Roberts meeting NZCCI.

Next week I am travelling to Canberra, Australia to meet with the Australian political hero – Senator Malcolm Roberts. This is a great honour and Sen. Roberts has supported the River of Lies Documentary greatly. He is also the lead in a group of Senators who are setting up the official Australian Inquiry into Covid-19. They are serious and they are resolute that there may have been crimes committed against the people of Australia, the same way we are with our Citizen Inquiry.

I travel to discuss an agreement of co-operation with him between our Inquiry groups and also a public show of support for the work we are doing. I remain ashamed that there is not one New Zealand politician that I can approach for support – let alone endorsement and encouragement. I bought and paid for flights and accommodation on Tuesday but we do not have enough funds yet for ground travel and costs.

Do you or we really want a Citizen Inquiry?

I have worked in the cause of civil liberties and human rights since March 2020 – that's 4 years next month.

I have been involved in politics, activism, protests and been arrested, convicted, threatened and slandered during these past years and seen a huge number of people now enter the ‘freedom scene’ with the answer. Every one of them, myself included, have failed so far to change anything or make the type of oppositional impact on the Government system’s intent to herd us into a global dragnet.

One thing I have also realised is that there is no solution within political means that will protect us. But I do believe that strategic public pressure and exposing the truth in such a way that it cannot be ignored is our best option. Again, please download the Terms of Reference from and register, using the contact form.

The Inquiry is about dealing with what I suspect are crimes committed by the previous Government but also with a forward-looking understanding that this Government is also a threat to our civil liberties and right to live in peace.

But the question I ask is – do you really want this? Are you prepared to speak up and be counted and to support this project financially?

Whatever you may think of me, I can assure you of this. I am determined to do the best job I can on this Inquiry to get to the truth, gain justice for those harmed and help our country to reconcile and heal.

But I need your support. We are meant to start public hearings, beginning in Invercargill next month, and have a team of ten people to take to each hearing location – the plan is all in the document to download.

I head to Australia next week and we have until the third week of February to set things up – to pay deposits for venues, ferry crossings, motels etc and to know if people will support what I believe is the most crucial work I have done in 4 years. I consider it is essential to help defend ourselves, our whanau / families and our right to live in peace, without overreach of a system that is seeking to obliterate these natural God-given gifts.

I will leave this to your conscience. Again – please download the document and if that does not compel you to support this Inquiry then the absence of your support will send me a clear message.

In the meantime, thank you to all of you who continue to value the work and effort I put into protecting and informing all of us about what we are dealing with.

If you can and would like to donate to this cause please use this temporary account:

02-1245-0777955-031 – W Te Kahika

or donate through the donation page on the website:

Thank you very much.

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