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River of Lies, The NZ Scamdemic Investigative Documentary is under attack!

While we are being distracted by the political gymnastics and tomfoolery of the 2023 general election, kiwis are sleeping through the insidious, relentless operation underway by the government, working to diminish civil liberties, globalise us and suppress free speech. I have worked out that, as important as the issue of the sexualisation of our children is, it is a side issue to the root problem of the frightening loss of freedoms and right to freedom of choice.

Interestingly I am a favourite target to attack of both the ‘mainstream media’ and even the freedom movement for voicing my views and opinions about what is actually going on in the geopolitical world we are living in. It seems

that freedom fighters are not that interested in truth if it goes against their perceptions. I am led always by my observation of evidence and the facts as I see them - often I am uncomfortable confronting and accepting the cold realities I see. But regrettably, many feel that I am motivated by different reasons instead of trying to wake us all up to what is coming down the pipeline and I am always open to learning from others - always.

I believe I have been and am observing the evidence of successful infiltration of the freedom movement so that we end up more fractured and cannibalised than even during 2020. I am no longer shocked by being told that Voices for Freedom have told their members at meetings not to support anything I do or that NOT ONE of the ‘freedom channels’ have shown any interest in this most important documentary that may just hold the key to a successful class action suit. A suit against the government, media, academic and health sector organisations

and players that have been instrumental in assisting the rollout of medical terrorism operations, facilitated the loss of human and civil rights in New Zealand and most tragically have facilitated the harm and death caused by the

rush introduction of the MRNA, gene therapy Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ that isn't.

I am genuinely bewildered that Reality Check Radio or other ‘truth media’ have declined to promote this film despite the fact that I have been supported by NZDSOS members, international figures and our own Epidemiologist

General, Dr Simon Thornley. The quality of data in the River of Lies - The NZ Scamdemic is so very important and I amproud that it has passed muster of scrutiny by scientists and doctors. Yet this is just episode one we are showing

and the best and the worst is still to come.

Over the past 3 and a half years I have:

- Had my political Facebook page closed down 4 days before the 2020 election & I am shadow banned with restricted access to my audience

- Had my YouTube channel deleted while watching them remove subscribers

- Watched Telegram remove subscribers every day

- Been declined advertising in NZME

- Been declined poster placement by Phantom Bill Stickers

- Had ASB and ANZ close my bank accounts because of my beliefs

- Had venues decline our documentary ‘River of Lies – The NZ Scamdemic’ for screening

- Been arrested, prosecuted & terrorised by the government for protesting against lockdown harm

- Just had Eventfinder decline advertising for ‘River of Lies – The NZ Scamdemic’

- Had police admit I am ‘being watched’

- Been persecuted by the Electoral Commission and police for committing ‘Dishonesty, deception and electoral fraud,’ for which I was found not guilty. And this documentary has enlarged the bullseye on my front and back - I am not oblivious to the dangers I face and seeing my good friend Dr Rashid Buttar die from poisoning was a stark reminder. If anything, I have learned about myself that I am stubborn and resolute - the mental test of my faculties, mission and goal focus of doing this documentary during court cases was under extreme pressure testing but with God’s help, my whanau support and your support I managed to cross the finish line and complete episode one of three. I am still here 38 months since I first spoke out about my concerns and I am more devoted to the cause of truth & civil liberties for all & exposing government corruption and the threat of freedom-ending globalism. Please come and see me speak this week at the screenings of EPISODE ONE of ‘River of Lies – The NZ Scamdemic Investigative Documentary’ at 6:30 pm, this Thursday in Te Atatu or Sunday in Whangarei at 2:00 PM - while I can still be heard and this movie can still be seen. I believe we must get this documentary message out - and you have an important role to play in this.

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2 comentarios

Andreas Thirling
Andreas Thirling
04 oct 2023

make sure "River of Lies" is for download on Youtube and Torrent servers to be seen by everyone.

Me gusta

To stand up for truth, is to stand and be seen, which in itself takes courage.

I was brought up to believe that truth will prevail, which is an ideal that I have struggled with since our government, police, medical, Education and justice systems have been hijacked by Global Elites Ideologies.

I am of an age where I protested against the Vietnam war, lived through the London Bombings by the IRA, left bewildered as to why the world stood by during the slaughter of thousands of innocents in Rawanda, protested against apartheid when South Africa came to play against the All Blacks in NZ and witnessed many more Global tragic events due to Elitists thirst for self invested need for…

Me gusta
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