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Prison Sentence Handed Out

The question I posed last week has now been answered – Is the judge involved in my protest charges court case a decent human being interested in actual sensical justice?

When Judge Peter Winter looked at Vinny’s partner Rebecca, and acknowledged her and new born baby Alfie, and then sentenced Vinny to three months prison and me to four months prison, the answer came crushing home. I was led immediately from the dock into the remand cell awaiting prisoner transfer. The most distressing part of this was not being able to say goodbye to my wife and three children in the court.

I remain in the belief, especially after the Posie Parker incident, that my safety is at peril if they succeed in getting me into prison. My lawyer issued an immediate appeal document and bail bond – the judge allowed for the bail and I was released an hour or so later. I am not allowed to discuss my appeal and shall not here. I am crushed. Crushed by the weight of knowing how corrupted, immoral and politicised our judiciary is.

In the Interests of the People, Not Notoriety and Fame

I once believed in the system. I was once prepared to enforce it as a policeman and in the army, and have served my community in many different service capacities. To see that there are fellow New Zealanders who would celebrate my sentence is another reason to feel sad – sad for a country that has lost its way and allowed itself to be fooled into accepting this regime and its ideologies.

Completely disregarding the evidence to the contrary, the judge claimed I protested on the 18 August 2021 for ‘notoriety and fame’. He read my long service record to the community and country and mentioned the exemplary references to my good character, and then, dismissing it all, made several mentions of ‘your political party’ – the smoking gun as to why we were there.

I need your help

I have no money and need to raise money just for legal defence let alone eating and living. If you would like to contribute and donate please know my family and I thank you most sincerely and with our love.

Our account is:

38-9006-0500453-01 – Name: C Te Kahika

And please, please email politicians and media about this horror sentence and call for justice for Vinny and I. As of yesterday – I have the harshest penalty ever given to someone who breached a Covid law. To my knowledge it’s the harshest in the world.

This affects everyone all Kiwis – and portends to great tragedy and tyranny. Please help me to stay with my family.

Your brother,

Billy Te Kahika

Billy, Vinny and Carina Ruiz following the court case and bail

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The govt in NZ is utterly corrupt. The judiciary have proven with their Covid decisions they are totally inept, unable to consider complex evidence, and stupid.


Tony Ford
Tony Ford
Apr 01, 2023

I will share info amongst the brothers Billy. Are funds for yourself or (and /or) Vinny?

Vinny has also put out and email about funds for living.

A short history lesson: Vinny used to have 47K followers (back in the politico daze); So I thought, if we all give $2.50 per week he would be more than covered? The $2.50 per week still goes to Vinny but I don't think it covers much at all, very sadly.

Cheers Tony Ford


Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel
Mar 31, 2023

Matthew 25:31-33 Rejoice! Today this prophecy is being fulfilled. Not long now.


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