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NZ Trans media? The TRUTH IS COMING, the cost of fighting for freedom!

Updated: May 6, 2023

Trans media, the TRUTH IS COMING and the cost of the fight – Billy Te Kahika Blog May 5, 2023

I woke up today to more strange propaganda from STUFFed. CON. Seriously

I just don't understand where they're coming from & yet I have tried.

I really only have compassion for the trans community the same way I feel for people trapped in a life of crime, drug addiction or with problems of any kind that negatively impact their lives.

With closer analysis we see the apparent number of trans people that end up having long satisfied and content lives is very very tiny. A lot of them do end up taking their lives. The young transitioned boy at 8 years of age ‘JAZZ’ is a truly hurt young man now of about 20 years of age who has woken up that he feels very strange in his male body that has breasts, has had it’s testicles and penis removed and replaced with a ‘hole’ that needs lubricating everyday. To see him in contorted in mental pain on his reality show is truly a disturbing sight.

Horrific springs to mind doesn’t it?

I don't see violent hatred or violence against trans people anywhere and don't support it. The reality is the world is a dangerous place where anyone and everyone is at risk at some point of being confronted with threats and violence - like I have these past 3 years for the crime of wanting freedom for EVERYONE.

I don't see violent protests that have seen trans people needing to be rushed away from a mob intent on killing them?

I did see that violent extremism from the trans community when Posie Parker came to NZ – we did see hundreds of demonically charged people try and rip a small woman apart.

The fact that the MAN Shaneel Lal who organised this violent counter response was made Young New Zealander of the Year shows you where NZ is really at. It’s got nothing to do with his persuasion but everything to do with that he was willing to use violence to impose his will on others – THAT’S the issue!

The genuine questions I have are: Why do trans people need to be acknowledged more than others? Why should men with testicles be able to share women’s private spaces? Is the fact that they endlessly aggravate people themselves and seek attention, often extreme attention, have anything to do with ordinary people being tired and weary of them and causing unstable individuals to threaten them with harm?

This reminds me of how the Disinformation Project’s Kate Hannah had a campaign seeking public sympathy because she has receiving threats. Yet at the same time she had no problem telling the world that those people who disagree with her and her world view are: Dangerous, unstable, fooled mothers, that are conspiracy theorists and white supremacist, misogynistic nationalists. WOW! Could unstable folk or even ordinary folk get offended enough to send her an angry message? Probably.

The fact that she has had a major platform to cry out loud with these claims has led to me and people like me being diminished, slandered and yes threatened with violence and harm and maybe prosecution as a domestic terrorist. Yet the threats we receive are considered of no consequence.

But why do grown men dressed as women want to read stories to our children and spend time with them? Why do schools want to encourage your child to receive gender affirmation treatment instead of real help to identify gender dysphoria? And why would Kate Hannah and her BFF's want to support this


I don't get it. But I do get that this is a demonic agenda that has been allowed by the spineless and morally bankrupt of our country and news media like STUFFed shall have their day in court. Soon.

But what do YOU think?

The TRUTH IS coming!

The last few weeks has seen untrusting paranoid people claim that the ‘River of Lives – The NZ Scamdemic Investigative Documentary’ project IS the scam! Saying that it is a make believe project designed only to take money from an unsuspecting public. I am literally done with and tired of those claims – it’s actually sickening and I wonder if it is actually Government agents planting these seeds.

The reality is we have thousands of chances to stuff this documentary up and only ONE chance to get it right. Can you imagine the glee of NZ MSM if they can point their finger at us and say we got something wrong technically? I'm not going to let them have that satisfaction.

We now have a three episode documentary and a projected finish date of June for episode one. To say it’s been a huge project doesn’t do the reality justice.

Over 1800 minutes worth of footage captured to edit and a team of just 3 of us doing everything that a project of this type normally has a team of people working on it do. And not to mention funding that has relied on donations and what we ourselves are prepared to give to this.

Projected releases are: June Episode 1 and August Episode 2 and the finale Episode 3 September.

When episode one comes out – I know I will have a sense of relief.

Legal Fees and Court case.

I now have dates for my court cases and they are as follows:

1- Electoral Fraud and Breaches – July 10

2- Protest Charges conviction and sentence appeal – July 31

I still cannot digest even after all this time that I am dealing with these charges. After being sentenced

a month ago to five months prison, reality hit me.

In no way, have I done something either by mistake or intent to deserve the charges for either of these matters.

The Electoral charges really get under my skin too. The Government through the NZ Electoral Commission and NZ Police are claiming I lied on my declaration to hide an overspend of almost $2500 (I was actually under) and that I hid a donation of $15,000 and misrepresented myself to the person, Advance NZ Chairman Michael Kelly who gave it to me as a gift for my whanau (family) and I.

I believe I have more than enough evidence to deal with these charges and a group of witnesses as well.

But I am insulted and offended as I truly believe the charges are beneath me in a humble way. Not saying I am perfect or have not made mistakes in my life but these I have not done.

Another aspect of my offence is that they think I would sink to such a low to do this.

When donations or electoral fraud is committed it usually involves money in the 10’s or hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. In total they are saying I would sell my integrity and honour for $17,500. Not that it is about the amount – it’s the principle and no amount of money is worth my integrity before the Lord.

If I had made a genuine mistake or committed a crime I would be the first to admit it to clear my conscience come whatever may.

The protest charges are horrendous but hopefully I will get justice in the High Court.

I am in debt for my legal fees. To date the protest charges has cost me $30,000.00 and it will cost a further $10-$15,000 for the appeal. The fine I face if the jail sentence is removed and the conviction remains is $4000.00.

To fight the Electoral charges it will cost me $45,000.00. I have paid $15,000 so far and I do not know how I am going to cover the rest.

I have 40,000 people that regularly follow me so I am hoping that between everyone donating something I will cover this.

But the problem is everyone is stressed which I totally get and most people think that someone else will donate and so donations have been low.

To make it easy to donate we now have this awesome link here – please support if you can.


I better leave it here - sabbath is approaching and my wife just yelled at me to iron my shirt for my sermons tonight and now THAT is a good woman! Please take care dear all the weather is so bad. So many things are happening and I will cover these issues in my next blog but I wanted to get this blog out for the weekend.

Its crazy and THEY want to harm you emotionally, spiritually and intellectually but don’t let them.

Stay committed to the right and being truthful – truth is truth and it is likely that you being here says you are onto it.

You are all in my prayers every day….stay calm and peaceful and trust in God. See you at the next blog or online.

Love to all from me and my whanau – after all, love will win the day.

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