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It's Urgent – The New Zealand Covid-19 back story behind the New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry


Hi dear whanau,

As I prepare to go on holiday, I had to post this as a blog – it’s long but I ask that you read this all the way through – it is important and please share it.

This blog is about why we MUST carry this project through to completion. The urgency is patent, as Medsafe has just announced it has purchased more and new Pfizer mRNA injections to arrive in May to coincide with our 2024 winter. This, with the rhetoric behind new variants and now a Disease X pandemic in the wings, means we MUST get this going and, together as a community, demand the cessation of the rollout until a full audit and review is made.

Pandemics are nothing new, and depending on the definition, there have been about five since the devastating Spanish flu of 1918. There are historical records of other major pandemics, perhaps none more notable than the Black Death (the Plague) of the late Middle-Ages that decimated a large portion of the European population.

These pandemics have left a profound imprint on the human psyche and a warranted fear of disease and death that, historically, were mitigated by reasonable public control measures such as isolating the sick. Troubled Covid times, accompanied by irrational measures never before seen, have deployed actions like “segregation of healthy people’, widespread use of ineffective face masks, arbitrary social distancing and the testing of healthy individuals without symptoms.

This quote from the Canadian National Covid Inquiry illustrates how reasonable thinking was abandoned when dealing with Covid-19:

"Basic principles of immunity and hygiene were developed to ensure that we live in harmony with the biodiversity that surrounds us in the environment and in our own individual ecosystem made up of our microbiota. Because of the high levels of human interaction across the world, there is a growing awareness that local epidemics can spread to larger geographic regions and become pandemics of global concern. At the international level, there are agreements in place to harmonise the management of pandemics, using the best practices from the international community. Although human beings have an instinctual fear of sick people who could transmit diseases, contact with other healthy human beings is regarded as helpful for good health and illness recovery, despite what some germaphobes and preachers of doom obsessively espouse".

Contrary to sermons of Covid doom and gloom, unless someone is afflicted by a permanent genetic immunosuppression or transient epigenetic immunosuppression due to poor life habits and comorbidities, the risk from Covid-19 is, for most, negligible. The failings of the mortality and case number models of New Zealand Physicist Prof. Sean Hendy and Imperial College London modeller Prof. Neil Ferguson, (who are both physicists and not medical or public health experts) were profound. These ‘experts’ advised governments about their Covid response, leading to a clear demonstration of the worst example of ‘settled science’ imaginable.

Still, a narrative was created which divided societies and caused excessive, unjustified fear. This is underlined by the fact that In New Zealand in March 2020, the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, stated publicly that Covid-19 would cause most New Zealanders to "have mild to moderate symptoms or possibly no symptoms at all". This statement contradicts and challenges every message of fear the Labour Government communicated to the public about Covid-19. If it had not been recorded by mainstream media, this statement would be forgotten or thought to never have existed. This is another reason why the New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry must be completed.

What was also abandoned was the understanding that interaction between humans, animals, and plants enriches and educates the immune system - the ultimate foundation of human health.

Instead, governments recklessly began isolating healthy people from interacting with society, resulting in other forms of disease and extreme mental health issues including suicide and domestic violence. And when people are sick, one essential condition for their healing is human care and a reassuring human presence. This reduces a sick person’s stress level, which is otherwise immunosuppressive. Elderly people were left to die without saying goodbye to their children and grandchildren, and vice versa.

One good place to start asking questions is: have we ever closed down entire societies for a low mortality disease like seasonal influenza or for an infection that has a fatality rate as low as Covid-19? The clear answer is no. So why have we seen this type of unusual and illogical health response?

The answer to this question is also clear. It is because this is and was about control and social re-engineering of the entire world. The WHO International Health Regulations Amendments plus the Global Pandemic Response are issues interwoven with the United Nations Agenda 2030 which offers the structure of a new, stakeholder, Centralised Global Society (CGS).

After years and many months of analysis, we can see that the world’s leading epidemiologist, Prof. John Ioannidis, had made correct conclusions in early 2020 and 2021, that the world’s governments' aggressive response to Covid-19 was unjustified by the science and its low infection fatality rate.

Covid mitigation measures can now be seen to have caused impacts that especially negatively affected the world’s poorest communities, making them vulnerable to predator finance institutions like the World Bank and IMF, with coercion to endorse WHO & UN programmes in return for funding.

It is well accepted that if the levels of morbidity and mortality are not significantly manifested above the usual baseline population, it should not constitute a pandemic of international concern, but this was ignored in favour of the WHO global cry of fear and terror. Typically, this situation would be managed locally with an appropriate epidemic management plan, but not so for Covid-19.

Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President, has stated that "inexplicably, world governments, in lockstep, had abandoned SOP pandemic response plans in favour of measures that ‘were expressly warned against’, such as testing of healthy people, lockdowns, and economic closure".

It now appears that the world’s governments, in lockstep, responded to Covid-19 in a completely new and unprecedented way, without having the supporting science.

For respiratory diseases, it could be challenging to accurately detect cases of a new respiratory virus, such as SARS-CoV-2, as many symptoms can be confused with symptoms triggered by other viruses, such as influenza or other coronaviruses. This then raises the issue of the importance of the reliability of the diagnostic and testing tool used to detect Covid-19 and understanding the tool’s limitations.

Almost four years since the start of the pandemic, it is now patently clear that the RTQ Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) was a defective testing tool for Covid-19 and could not make the necessary distinctions between diseases, nor could it identify infectious subjects. The inventor of the PCR, Prof. Kary Mullis expressly stated that the test was nonspecific and could be used to give heightened ‘meaning and importance’ to testing results that were not justified as being meaningful. He also said that the test should not be used as a diagnostic tool because of how results could be manipulated either knowingly or by ignorance. It appears that New Zealand used the PCR test in such a way that its defective nature as a testing tool was exploited to its fullest.

This means that the counting of excess sick people by the NZ Labour Government, above the baseline of other respiratory infections, could have been inflated by erroneous attribution resulting from poor diagnostic testing using the PCR test. In short, it brings the entire status of Covid-19 as a pandemic into question. PCR testing causing inflated case numbers and a campaign of media inducing fear set the scenes for a response that was emotive, wild, and destructive.

Strangely, in New Zealand, reliable anti-body blood tests were abandoned early, (apparently due to cost) in favour of the internationally endorsed, unfit-for-purpose, PCR test (which had its FDA approval revoked in 2022). New Zealand still uses this test in a faulty way, beyond the recommended testing methodology.

The analysis of all-cause mortality in New Zealand during the peak time of the pandemic, which cannot be biased by subjective attribution factors, leads to the observation that there was no COVID-19 pandemic caused by a novel and particularly dangerous respiratory virus. By June 2023, New Zealand had had 2031 deaths attributed as ‘with or from Covid’ – this was across four winter flu seasons and the incredible 2020 year, when influenza had disappeared in New Zealand.

This number, at face value, is within the same range as seasonal influenza deaths but would decrease significantly if the number of deaths included only those who died from Covid-19 as the primary cause. However, we have seen upward peaks of all-cause mortality deaths, with the apparent correlation especially of deaths in clusters, following the rollout of the Pfizer Biontech Comirnaty vaccine.

NZ Ministry of Health data analyst whistleblower, Barry Young, has exposed data that seems to show direct correlation between the rollout of the Covid vaccines and significant uplift of all-cause mortality in New Zealand. This data will be closely examined by the Inquiry.

Alarmingly, requests for samples of the original genesis virus have either been ignored or diminished so that requests are not made.

In June 2020, Otago University in New Zealand claimed it had isolated the Sars Cov-2 and championed this claim loudly, until UK organisation ‘Principia Scientific’ ruthlessly exposed this claim as a fraud. They also requested confirmation from leading Universities all around the world and here is copy of the article they wrote.

NZ University Exposed in False Claim Of Identifying COVID19 Virus

Published on November 3, 2020:

New Zealand’s University of Otago claimed to have “isolated the COVID-19 virus” but has no record of it isolated anywhere, by anyone, ever.

I have been submitting Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to various institutions in Canada, NZ, New Zealand, Germany, the U.K., England, Ireland and the U.S., seeking any records that describe the isolation of a 'COVID-19 virus' aka 'SARS-COV-2' from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased human patient. Our requests have not been limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institutions, or limited to records authored by the respective institutions, rather they have been open to any records held by the institutions describing “COVID-19 virus” isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, any time.

As of today (October 16, 2020) 20 institutions have provided their responses. 19 institutions indicated that they searched their records and found none (authored by anyone, anywhere, ever) describing the isolation of a 'SARS-COV-2 virus' from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient. The remaining institution simply refused our request.

All 20 of these FOIs responses can be accessed from this page:

This is the same Otago University which has supplied epidemiologists such as Michael Baker and Tony Blakely to the New Zealand Government, as advisors about Covid and the same university which has received large grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This is the same Tony Blakely who is chair of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the handling of Covid-19 by the Labour Government and who is endorsed by the Crown and government.

We have yet another reason why we need NZCCI.

Why do we need an independent Inquiry like the one I propose?

Reasons for a New Zealand Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry

New Zealanders demand and deserve a truly independent Inquiry into the New Zealand Labour Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to have an Inquiry that the public can trust is crucial for ‘trust and confidence’, as there are a wide variety of considerations and concerns, including the following:

  • Because of the unprecedented scale of harm caused by the Labour Government’s Covid response measures, there must be a deep, independent Inquiry as to how and why the Government developed policies that caused this harm.

  • New Zealanders have many legitimate questions concerning how the Covid response was managed and what scientific and policy advice the government relied upon - questions which the government has ignored or which have been lacking in transparency and accountability. To get to the bottom of these concerns, there must be a totally unencumbered inquiry into all areas of the Covid-19 response.

  • The scope and range of the impacts from the government's COVID-19 responses remain unprecedented and must be investigated to establish if crimes of malfeasance or misfeasance have been committed. This Inquiry is seeking to prosecute actors who may be proven to have committed a criminal offence or gross professional negligence.

  • The impacts of the government’s Covid-19 response affected New Zealanders at a national level, with the responses affecting a diverse and vast number of New Zealanders negatively.

  • There are currently two Government / Crown affiliated, initiated, and funded Inquiries into the Labour Government’s Covid-19 response. The first one, already under way, is the ‘Royal Commission of Inquiry’ and the second one, due to commence in August 2024, is the NZ First-initiated Government ‘Covid-19 Inquiry’.

  • Public Trust and confidence in both Inquiries is expectedly low for the following reasons:

  • The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Labour Government’s handling of Covid-19 is chaired by epidemiologist Tony Blakely of Otago University. Otago University has received significant Labour Government funding and funding from Bill Gates related organisations. Lack of objectivity or the appearance of conflict of interest is a concern that undermines public trust.

    • Tony Blakely has also already stated in the media that the Government did a ‘superb’ job of managing Covid.

    • The terms of reference for the said Inquiry are very narrow and have been greatly criticised by notable barristers such as Debbie Chambers KC.

  • The second NZ First-initiated Government Inquiry also fails on those and these points:

    • The leader of NZ First and current Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, was the co-signee of the draconian Covid-19 Public Health Response Bill 2020, when it was put into law.

    • He was a high-profile critic of all non-vaccinated New Zealanders until late 2021.

    • He suppored his then Minister, Tracy Martin’s draconian 2020 Internet Censorship Bill to crack down on ‘mis and disinformation and hate speech’ that could have been levelled at ‘Covid-19 dissidents’.

    • The government minister overseeing this Inquiry is Brook van Velden of the Act Political Party and she is a pro Covid vaccine advocate, as is her party.

    • The terms of reference for this second inquiry are only marginally broader than the Royal Commission’s narrow TOR.

    • Both Inquiries offer no pathway for accountability or justice if unjustifiable harm is proven or crimes were committed.

    • A call from Mr Billy Te Kahika to senior NZ First member, Shane Jones, with a request for the newly elected National, Act & NZ First government to help facilitate a truly independent inquiry went unheeded.

    • This could primarily be because most political parties in parliament during the 2020 Labour government period ended up supporting most of the Labour governments Covid initiatives. Therefore, they have no political incentive to have an open, free, and independent commission of Inquiry into this dystopian period of New Zealand history, especially if it incriminates them in any way.

  • The government cannot be expected to conduct the required investigation of themselves objectively and impartially - hence the need for the NZ Citizen Covid-19 Inquiry.

  • It is necessary to solicit, receive, and evaluate first-hand personal testimony from those impacted by the governments’ responses to COVID-19. It is important that this testimony be sincere, honest, and free of coercion, censorship, or favour.

  • It is necessary to solicit, receive, and evaluate testimony from scientific, medical, legal, and other appropriate experts that may differ from the narrative communicated by the Labour Government, their affiliated academic bodies and mainstream media.

  • It is necessary to ascertain where governmental responses to COVID-19 were ineffective or counterproductive and/or where alternative methods could have yielded less harmful impacts.

  • It is necessary to establish accountability for the impacts of measures undertaken and to ascertain the social and economic costs of those measures.

  • It is necessary to ensure that our government manage any future declared public emergencies effectively and that they exercise restraint and manage emergency orders or powers in a transparent, responsive, democratic, and effective manner, according to New Zealand values.

  • It is necessary that should gross crimes or negligence are found to have been committed by the Labour Government, a deterrence is in place to prevent future governments from committing the same acts.

  • It is necessary that anyone involved in the Labour Government’s Covid response, who is proven to have committed a crime or professional negligence, is held accountable in court.

  • There is no trust and confidence that a New Zealand Government initiated Inquiry will satisfy a deep desire to know the truth and deliver justice if it is required.


I have outlined a picture and provided several reasons why a truly independent Inquiry into the Labour Government’s Covid-19 response is required. The main reasons are because of the likelihood of strong bias, conflicts of interest, politics and the narrow scope of the current Covid-19 Royal Commission of Inquiry and the newly generated Government Inquiry into the Covid issue. There is also no path to accountability in either.

This means we, as concerned citizens will likely never get to the truth or be able to gain justice for all those harmed by the former Labour Government’s Covid response. But we are also asking the new Government to investigate issues they ultimately support, are involved with and remain committed to.

I believe that we will never have our country and society achieve a position of reconciliation until we have truth and justice. Truth because it will help heal divided families, and Justice to help those harmed in any way to move forward and receive compensation and accountability.

The bottom line is: it is possible that all current political parties in Government are in some way responsible for causing New Zealanders some level of harm for their support of the Covid response measures.

Within our current government, the National Party was not in favour of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 but went onto support most of, if not all the Covid measures of the Labour Government – this is damning. NZ First, one of the other co-governing parties, was a major supporter of all of the Covid civil liberties destruction and the persecution of New Zealanders who refused to obey the tyranny of Covid laws and orders. In fact, the leader of NZ First, and current Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, was Deputy Prime Minister in 2020 and a co-signee of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act. He vigorously opposed Covid dissenters - people like you and me, who demand an inquiry and accountability. The other partner in government, the Act Party, was completely in favour of Covid vaccine measures and passport apartheid. It is these three parties that we are expected to rely on and trust to serve us with a diligent, thorough, and full inquiry. They have also just approved more mRNA Pfizer drug use for our winter.

It is my hope that this document will encourage you to support this independent 'by the people, for the people' Inquiry. I have fought for truth, freedom, and accountability for almost four years, and I believe this is the best method to bring to light possible crimes committed by those entrusted to be in office and to serve us.

But the threats we face are not just historical. I believe this Citizen's Inquiry can expose the government malfeasance referred to above and, in doing so, stop this current New Zealand government from outsourcing our sovereign rights to unelected globalists and NGOs such as the WEF, WHO, UN, big Pharma and big tech.

Lastly, we will not be able to undertake this Inquiry without your support and it is my hope that the depth of thought and care in this initial scoping document will encourage your support.

Nga mihi – Kindest regards,

Billy Te Kahika

Commissioner & Investigator / +21 138 7005.

To donate please use this account: 12-3125-0280767-00

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