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Is Democracy NZ our only hope?

The political basketball game that may lead us all to disaster - is Democracy NZ our only hope? We'd better get our vote right.

Its been 35 months since I entered the New Zealand political game in 2020 and 39 months since I spoke up about against civil liberties and human rights destruction in New Zealand under the guise of a ‘global pandemic’.

After initiating a deep dive investigation into the Covid-19 narrative while in an early self imposed lock down, I knew within a couple of hours of my research that the world and New Zealand was caught up in a gigantic swindle - a deadly game narrated by a corrupt media supplied with a corrupt script from the WHO and the Bill & Melinda

Gates Foundation and lower ranked affiliates. Even though I was just starting my research, I knew that what I had seen, even at that early stage, indicated this was an operation against the people of the world.

The documentary ‘River of Lies - The NZ Scamdemic’ is a culmination of my investigation work to date into this issue - and probably isn’t the end of it.

After June 2020, I spent the next five months fighting as hard as I could to wake people up in New Zealand to the threats of the UN, WHO and globalist plan to dragnet the world into a dystopian nightmare of total control, loss of privacy and freedom of choice. A big part of my campaign included trying to wake the ‘freedom’ political parties up to the depth of what we were facing and that we needed to unify to confront this looming threat.

ALL of the minor established political parties would not consider a true alliance umbrella - and that led to downfall for all. The worst offenders from the minor party world, who worked hard against me even though I had huge momentum, were the Outdoors Party and Vision NZ (Brian and Hannah Tamaki) - which provides a sense of irony as both of them united for this election and tried to unite people behind them. Everyone lacked vision, pragmatism and depth of understanding as to what is coming down the pipeline at us.

Now we are a day away from the 2023 New Zealand General Elections - and the minor freedom political scene is more disunited than ever and it seems

that people have still not got it. This election we have a huge number of minor freedom and concerned voter parties: NZ Loyal, Freedom NZ Coalition (Vision, Outdoors, FRC), Leighton Baker, NewZeal and Democracy NZ.

I have put all of the minor political ‘freedom’ parties through a stress test of how they measure up with policy, profile, capacity, integrity, ability to unify the vote and believability and the best party that fits the standards and policies we need to be fought for is Democracy NZ. I say this after many months of questioning the sincerity of party leader and former National Northland MP Matt King and DNZ while putting Matt in the ’slimey politician’ bag. After spending time with him and some of his team, I'm convinced that he isn’t and I was wrong about him. Last Sunday, Matt and his team came to the Whangarei screening of ‘River of Lies - The New Zealand Scamdemic’ and I got to talk with him and look him in the eye. And I saw just an ordinary guy who knows thing are very wrong in NZ and he wants to fix them and protect Kiwis from the harm he knows we are facing. Upon further investigation I discover he was maligned by the National Party for expressing his real and appropriate concerns about the Covid-19 response of the government. Like me, he is trained in investigation and did the research that showed him the same data I had learned much earlier - and it prompted him to speak out, question and fatally post Facebook broadcasts from my friend Dr Simon Thornley and Dr Mike Yeadon former VP of Pfizer. Doing that ended his career with National. And no, he does not promote National as an option! National have targeted him in every way to harm him. It was easy to admit in public that I was wrong about Matt because I was wrong. It is also right that I now tell the world in New Zealand that if we are to have chance of fighting what is coming down the pipeline, Democracy NZ is the best placed and structured party to do that. The only way we can contend against this pending disaster in our country is to aggregate the concerned voter base behind a minor party that stands in broad terms for defending civil liberties, personal and national sovereignty and that party is Democracy NZ - and I have no qualms stating this.

His candidate list of Gordon Malcolm, Diana Burgess and Doug Allington (My former candidate) and the rest are of a very high calibre. They are professional and armed to the teeth with understanding and wisdom. The fact he has registered all his candidates puts him way ahead of NZ Loyal, who demonstrated such incompetence in failing to register 90% of their candidates, you would think they are the Labour Party.

Yes I am grim about that because NZ Loyal made all of the ‘freedom political movement’ look like incompetent nut jobs and corrupt MSM relished in this.

NZ Loyal have not been honest with their supporters either, and admit that they cannot fulfil the mandate they promised to deliver - that is dishonest in my view. All minor political parties have failed to show the pragmatism we needed from the start to confront and overturn the challenges the left and right pose to us all, leading to demonstrable immaturity or lack of vision to understand that we are in deep trouble in our country.

Egos and the unwillingness to compromise may lead to our downfall. And it could be a lot worse under Luxon - the same man who advocates globalism, mandates, taking benefits off parents who won’t jab their children and refuses a true Covid compensation and inquiry plan. And let's not forget NZ First - Winston Peters, the same man who advocated for freedom restrictions, as deputy Prime Minister co-signed the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, supported full term abortion and the Internet Censorship Bill and called us a bunch of unclean nuts, is now our hope for the freedom cause? His track record and loss of his heritage support base should tell us why he has gone for the ‘freedom fighter’ voter - it's because these, along with people scared of co-governance is all he has. I don't trust him anyway and it is foolish to vote for him.

Recently, I spent hours talking with Shane Jones about how Winston had had a change of heart and I asked if NZ First were genuine about a Covid enquiry and compensation for mandated and vax-harmed people. I also asked if they would be prepared to write and sign a pledge of commitment to do this. A few days later he told me, no, they would not do that. That said it all and, in my mind, NZ First was gone and were yet another shill distraction to the real issues and solutions.

We need to vote Democracy NZ - they are closest I have seen to what I had in 2020 and I believe if they are in parliament they will work for the people in the right way. I said it in 2020 and I'll say it again - This election is the most important and none of the parties have the capacity Democracy NZ has to deliver for those of us who are concerned with the deeper political issues. But we must give them our PARTY VOTE and vote Candidate Northland MATT KING.

People think politics is like a basketball game and all we do is dribble and pass the ball back and forth between the red team Labour, and the blue team National, and that what we are seeing is genuine reality and our freedom of choice in play. To believe that means you are living in unreality and, most likely, a conspiracy theorist. This is a deadly game and the stakes are getting higher each day.

Not enough people listened to me in 2020 and the threats and events I warned New Zealand about have ostensibly happened - will they listen to me this time?


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