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Happy Anniversary to Vinny and I

It was 2 years ago today, that we were arrested for protesting against lockdown harm.

The lockdowns are now universally understood to have not prevented covid at all, but only harmed, destroyed and taken lives — forever shame on the NZ Labour Government. They now admit regret of the use of lockdowns, amidst the decision we just need to 'live with covid'. Our documentary exposes every inch of what they have committed.

Defence of the charges against me for our small peaceful protest of two years ago, has cost me $50,000, and caused my wife and whanau much distress and pain. For the same charges, a man was fined $100 without conviction, while I was found guilty of breaking an unlawful covid order and sentenced to 5 months — which was reduced to 4 months — jail while rapists, gang members and serious criminals receive home detention.

What Have I Learned?

That the country I was in love with, that I have served in multiple capacities in a life without criminal convictions has been lost to a corrupt cabal and ideology of unfit demonic humans. A sad thing I have learned, is that elected and unelected New Zealanders are a part of this paradigm and could support this fall into communistic, fascist tyrannical globalism.

The saddest thing though would be knowing that New Zealander's failed to stand up for the freedoms and rights we thought we had; freedoms and rights which had been hard fought for, bled and died for. Most have failed to demonstrate the moral spine and courage I thought we had in all of us, and accepted plain dishonesty of behaviour and thought, and succumbed to peer pressure and propaganda without asking even the basic of questions. They put on their masks and rolled up their sleeves without question — now many are full of regret for this.

But All is Not Lost

More and more people every day ARE waking up. And they are waking up to the fact that there is no political left and right but only manipulation which is the essential first step to bursting through the bubble of error and deception of Marxism.

I am going to say it. The Royal Commission Enquiry into the Government's Covid Response is a foregone conclusion wrapped up in a white-washed blanket that will mask the grossest of errors, conflicts of interest and dishonesty we could imagine.

The River of Lies - NZ Scamdemic Investigative Documentary

The RoL's documentary will expose what has happened to us all, to those of us who were aware of it while it was happening, and to those who, if they are intellectually honest, will have to admit the major problems that the documentary reveals.

I make no mistake or dramatic gross over estimation by stating that this documentary will shed a white light on those individuals who operated in the dark using covid to destroy our land and her people. I believe that once people grasp what is revealed in this doco, justice will demand accountability of those individuals responsible for this — and no knighthood, dame-hood or high-ranking position in the WHO and Government will prevent this.

There will be nowhere for them to run and hide from the fact 'The TRUTH IS COMING'. Sept 3rd is the beginning, with the release of the documentary.

Meanwhile, I will face the decision of the appeal court for my protest charges and the outrageous electoral fraud and deception charges I am facing with a clear heart and clean conscience and my head held humbly high. I am innocent in front of God the Judge of all.

But I wonder if, in their quiet alone moments, those who will be exposed in this documentary will be able to do the same.

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