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Hamilton Event tomorrow (Tuesday) at the beautiful Rua Resort.

Tomorrow at 6:30 PM we are delivering a speaking and screening event in Hamilton, at the very beautiful Rua Resort owned and run by lovely owners, Clive and Colleen.

It feels like this is a time when it is more important than ever to screen this documentary. I somehow feel that there is a noose tightening around free speech and we do not yet know how the new government is going to behave. Does anyone believe they will be good for civil liberties and rights in NZ and for national sovereignty? I pray I'm wrong, but I have my concerns.

The documentary is receiving widespread acclaim and we are proud and relieved about this because we have put so much in it. I am now writing the script and layout for the second episode - about ‘vaccines’. This will be momentous as well. But if you need resources to help people awaken ‘gently’ to the manipulation, lies and tyranny then I humbly suggest that this documentary is well worth using for this purpose.

The documentary is also available for online viewing at;

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