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Give peace a chance and avoid manipulation!

We are now into week 4 of the war in Israel and Gaza and three weeks since the world first gasped in horror at the footage of beautiful Israeli families being murdered and abducted by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7.

I refrain from calling Hamas a freedom and resistance military organisation because killing civilians purposely is not what military should do. It is not what the New Zealand Army teaches us as soldiers - I was trained never to even consider

harming civilians and to well treat prisoners of war - not terrorism and the murder of civilians.

BUT, what the Israeli Defence Force is now doing to innocent Palestinians is equally horrifying. Over 2300 children and babies dead, based on figures I saw 2 days ago. Some may say, well Gazans voted for Hamas to govern Gaza, so they are getting what they deserve. That is true, they did - but they now have an armed group that would kill them for dissension from the ‘cause’ too. Same mental problem as abused wives not wanting to leave their violent husbands.

But the truth is, we have an oppressed people, the Palestinians, and thinking men and women will feel aggrieved that they are living in an open air prison. In a mob of course they will chant the slogans of freedom - but babies, children and people who just want to live with their families peacefully would not participate in the murder of innocent Israelis or of anyone.

And that is where I land. Innocent Israelis and Palestinians have equal right to live in peace - we ALL have the right to live in peace without government or foreign reach into our lives. So my belief is that there is a vast geo-political plan behind this war and it is well beyond the idea of a ‘cultural clash’ - there is manipulation behind this tragedy.

I listened yesterday to amazing Israeli journalist, Efrat Fenigson, a former IDF Military Intelligence soldier based on the Gaza Strip. She broke down her concerns about the ’narrative’ and she is incredibly well placed to comment. She said she cannot accept that the world’s most fortified, surveilled and protected border defence structure could be penetrated by one person let alone 1000 terrorists undetected like they did. The other problem she had was with the delayed response to this threat by the IDF. She asked, how did the entire IDF fail to protect the people like this? How is it possible the Rapid Reaction Force of the IDF responded, not in minutes but 4-12 hours later? She said that nothing adds up and she is not happy with any of it. Worth considering.

The USA has wanted to invade Iran for almost 20 years - could this war provide the pretence to achieve that? I think it is all going in one direction - to bring in the global new world order, great reset and 4th Industrial Revolution and UN Global Governance, countries and people need to give up their national and personal sovereignty. How do you do that? I believe that you need to create so much pain and suffering that people will do anything and give anything away to have safety security. Isn’t war a good way to create that fear?

Let’s watch this closely, pray for peace and not be fooled by the manipulation.

Take care dear friends - be safe, stay calm, be factual and vigilant and keep the peace in your spirit.

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