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Are we REALLY into truth if it disagrees with our world view? The critical war for credibility.

Since writing my last blog I have received some criticism for criticising Liz Gunn by people who do not understand why this is necessary. But I have also received massive support from people who understand the essential point I am trying to make. I am even more firm in my criticisms & I am also truly upset that I have to make them while at risk of hurting some people.

I had a lovely supporter of mine ring me this morning to question why I was so critical of Liz if we are on the same team?

The fact is we are not on the same team. Liz is about Team Liz and she does not know how to be a team player - it is after all the Liz Gunn Show isn't it?

I jest but this is one aspect of the menu of reasons Liz has me really concerned.

We live in a world of propaganda, dishonesty and untruth, and one where the propagators and controllers of the 'narrative', control media and therefore public opinion. We are permanently on the back foot because 'they' have the money, the media, corrupt academia on their side and control of the village square through censorship, spending power and continual conveyance that they are the 'single source of truth'. At every turn, and each and every second of the day they have digital sentinels, bots and human agents masquerading as journalists, and politicians ready to destroy any resistance to their 'narrative'.

Some of the ways they attack the 'freedom movement' is that they look for ways they can diminish our credibility. Typically they do that as follows;

- They look for evidence we may be championing false information, or attack the way information is presented,

- They look out for unstable behaviour & threatening conduct, (threats to kill politicians, Q references & ranting etc)

- They look for conspiracy theory language that is unsubstantiated,

- They look for lies or half truths in what we say,

- They look for any weakness in our armour whereby they can belittle and undermine any resistance to their 'single source of truth' propaganda program.

Hence my vastly crucial important point. Liz has delivered each of these points I have just outlined to the demonic Main Stream Media and they have made full use of it. From the Baby Will case where she hysterically attacked the clinical team (the media loved that), to aspects of the Barry Young 'Winston' issue and the claims she made while election campaigning, she has been a dream for the evil other side. This must and has to stop because it hurts credible work that is being done.

If you cannot see this, then respectfully, you probably won't get the rest of this blog. This is not about me liking or disliking Liz as a person, this is about the construct of credible resistance to a resolute enemy and stopping someone who is unconsciously or otherwise harming all of us fighting against the system using credible tactics.

Liz ranting about Winston Peters in an unstable way as she did is the sort of cream that MSM and those against our resistance drool for. The announcement she is going into hiding - for no apparent reason - was the cherry.

With all of my heart I would love to support Liz - but all I see is risk and an unstable person it seems who is always looking for the next 'hit' from attention. The issues we face are so severe and serious that this cannot be the way a 'leader' seeks to articulate a case to defend ourselves.

From day one I have been called a conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, Q-man and Trump supporter. The truth is I am none of these things. In actuality, I am a Christian Civil Liberties & Human Rights & pro choice activist. I have been working essentially for three and a half years to establish credibility for our truth's movement's argument using the strategy of calm, a clear argument and a well thought out strategy - even if it meant my arrest. I of course have been slandered and persecuted for this. But I calmly press on.

But I am now new 'things'. I am now an investigative documentary film maker and am conducting a Citizen Inquiry into the Covid issue and the Government's behaviour and response to it. The purpose of this inquiry is to expose and prosecute and seek justice for us all. The burden to get this right is immense because if I do not, I risk discrediting all of us.

But something happened on Monday night that truly gobsmacked me. I was interviewed by 3 News / Newshub after supporting Barry Young in court and last night I saw the footage of Monday's news clip.

They used only a few seconds of my interview BUT for the first time ever, I was not referred to as 'Conspiracy theorist, Failed politician or ant-vaxxer' - but I was referred to as 'Covid-19 Activist'. WOW! But why wow?

It's because they finally took me out of the 'nut job' bag and into a 'reasonable' bag.

Why is this important? Its because we had a MSM Government agency show a tiny crack in the window shield of ignorance and acknowledge that activism in this area is not a conspiracy theory operation after all.

Could this mean there is slow acceptance from MSM that we HAVE had major problems with the Government's tyrannical Covid behaviour? Could the tide be turning?

It will only turn if we force the turn with overwhelming evidence and a credible presentation of the facts - and act with dignity and calm. Im sorry, but Liz has failed in this respect greatly. I am truly saddened to say this.

But are we really honest enough to look at Liz's conduct and anyone like her, and even if they're well meaning, acknowledge that they may be discrediting any careful attempt to combat the 'tyranny' if they act in ways that are unhelpful to our cause?

The asleep masses in New Zealand look at us suspiciously but we must win them over and awaken them to the reality of the tyranny aimed at us. If we are to litigate our case against the propagators of harm against our country and us, should we not do that at the highest quality of self respect and standards of credible conduct? To do this we must examine our fight in this war and how we present and represent our argument - and ourselves.

I am truly sorry if this offends you but as I type this I am facing a 4 month prison term that is on appeal and also sentencing for electoral admin failure on December 20 - I do not sit as a keyboard warrior making commentary - I live this day in and out and have done for almost 4 years. I feel qualified and justified to comment - and I am determined to win justice for our country.

I have to get the inquiry and my documentary right if I am to survive fighting in this war - maybe that is why, being truthful, careful and willing to look at the facts and how I behave in this process is so important. If I get anything wrong - I risk discrediting all of us. This is the point.

What is at stake is so vastly important and our futures are all entwined together - maybe that's why I cannot trust someone who behaves like Liz.

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4 Kommentare

Your jealousy of Liz Gunn is tangible. She has actually achieved something, and she has the balls that you don't. Deal with it. Everything that you wrote here is what you have done, and continue to do. It's projection with a capital P. Not a good look that you've tried to claim the whistleblower after slagging off the one who got his data out there. Maybe stop now, before the hole's too deep to get out of...?

Gefällt mir

Hi Billy,

I think you have missed the point! You have put forward your opinion on how Liz should 'behave' to suit your approach to the good fight, ie 'shooting the messenger', instead of applauding the efforts, integrity, and courage she has displayed which has garnered wide support in the freedom movement.

Yes, some of her videos could be more polished, but hey, who in these crazy times has ever had a more difficult script to craft, including yourself.

In my view, you should be 100% in support of Liz who, unlike anyone else in the Freedom movement including yourself, has bought to light THE most powerful information that, in my view, was the very reason 3 News has 'relabeled'…

Gefällt mir

Im not sure exactly what you are meaning but would like to at some stage, but will in time via watching and researching. I don't expect you to spend any more time explaining as you need to get on with what you are doing for the people. Maybe the news gave some time to you due to what has happened from the actions of Liz. It will be good to see you both working together. I thought both Liz and the guy were courageous. I initially thought why didn't they keep him anonymous but then on the other hand there was a good chance they would know who it is, being the only person with access to all that d…

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Kia ora dear Teuhi,

Thank you for the lovely message although I think you may have missed the point of the blog.

The point of it was to highlight how important it is that we act credibly when publicly fighting the Government who is seeking to harm us.

The Government uses the media to ensure that public opinion about people like us who stand up against the Government is against us and that we look like we are insane, nut job conspiracy theorists. They use any and every opportunity to make us look stupid, untrustworthy and unstable.

To those who understand this, the overall picture of Liz is not a good one because she behaves so irrationally, unstable and seems…

Gefällt mir
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